A case of mistaken identity!

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At the root of all the misery, suffering, fear and more is a case of mistaken identity!

A big statement? Not really, a pointer to a deeper truth.

You see, you have forgotten who you really are. That you are one with everything the entire universe. Not just parts of it that take your fancy but ALL of it. How can it be any other way?

You may think you are your body, your job, your role as son, daughter, mother, father, sister, brother and particularly your thoughts along with myriad other identifications we could list but none of these come close to the truth of who you really are.

I’ve reposted the video from the You & The Universe Page of this site using the very powerful fibre optic lamp metaphor. It shows you in a very clear an visual way a pointer to the deeper truth of your essence. That you come from the source of all light as does everyone and everything else. Its so obvious when you “see it” yet you/we have been so trained and conditioned to ‘identify’ in other ways its very easy to forget in every day life what YOUR TRUTH really is.

You can reconnect with that truth in any moment. The profound gifts of Spheres Of Light /Infinite Silence are going to help you do that if you choose to embrace them. They are innate within you anyway but you still have a conscious choice as to the perfect path for you.

The identification we suffer from is reinforced every day in myriad ways. It takes a conscious choice to step out of that and move back into the light of truth.

To fully realise that can seem like quite an effort at first such is the degree of conditioning, yet ultimately the call from within is asking us to realise something truly simple. Incredibly simple. So simple the mind gets in the way and tells you in no uncertain terms:

“it can’t be that simple!”

It is simple.

The identification we suffer from is reinforced every day in myriad ways. It takes a conscious choice to step out of that and move back into the light of truth.

Any thought otherwise is just a thought. You/we are so used to ‘catching that Train of  thought’ (see the blog: There’s no joy in thinking!). We board regularly each day! It has many stations and changes of direction. All in all a very convoluted journey!

Then you literally get lost in your thoughts. You have become identified with them rather than with your truth!

Your Self as in your True Self does not involve you getting lost at all. No. It involves a remembering of the Truth of you and it feels very different.

In this place of remembering you are very present. Aware. Still. There is an inner Joy. All of which is being observed from a place of quiet stillness. This is what I refer to as Infinite Silence. It is the space in which all else manifests. It is YOU.

How do we start to move into this space? By bringing awareness to what is going on. You have to STOP. The moment you start identifying notice this. Observe it. Step back from it and give the identification no energy. Instead centre yourself in Spheres Of Light-Infinite Silence and release the identification. The more regularly and consciously you are able to do this the more effective and easier it becomes.

You will start to notice more peace, more quietness, more stillness, more joy within. Keep going until one day it becomes totally natural. It hash’t become your second nature it has become a deep connection to your True Nature.

Identification has melted and you will see that you have become more true to your Self.


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