A Letter from God (A Meditative Reading)

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In 2018 whilst out with his Golden Retriever Amber Philip was looking across the open fields to the Spire of Christ the Consoler.

Reflecting on suffering and one friend in particular it came: “A Letter from God” with the opening lines emerging. Arriving home he sat down and typed, 30 minutes later it was done.

This Episode is an extract from a Live Stream and has a little Ambient sound. If you’re listening more than once to the Meditation it begins at 4:57.

Harp by Tara Annette Cook.

Experience Philip’s Live Stream Self Realisation Programme on Insight Timer on this Playlist here:


Seven Infinite Silence Meditations Playlist of increasing duration and silence here:


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Weekly Episodes, Next: 13 May 2022, released at 4pm but usually takes until about 5pm to find its way to the various outlets.

The next few episodes will include guided Infinite Silence (Self Realisation) Meditations from Philip of increasing duration and silence.

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