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I looked across the open field whilst out walking Amber our Golden Retriever companion. The serenity of the Silence ever present in me and in the typically English landscape. In the background, the spire of a Church named Christ the Consoler. The Church was built by the owners of the Estate as a memorium to a family member who had died tragically the message being obvious.

Reflecting once again in the Silence the ever present awareness. The knowing, the Church wouldn’t have that name if people experientially knew their absolute truth. Their eternal nature. The suffering would end. The Infinite possibilities emerging in the flow of Grace…

It came: “A LETTER FROM GOD”… along with the impulse to capture that which was emerging from the Silence. From experience I knew this was to acted upon. Amber and I walked home. Key messages that were to be included emerging. Turning on the computer I typed with a wide open heart…. this is how all the insights and sharing emerges from total openness.

Here is the letter… it’s for you… and following a gratefully received suggestion from a friend there is also now a Live Reading of the Letter done in the context of an Infinite Silence Meditation. You can find this below. The feedback from this is that was very powerful, fab and the energetic effects were felt for some time afterwards. So the choice is your read, listen or do both!

A letter from God Gateway Location

Dear Friend,

It may have been a while in your time since we sat down and had a good heart to heart. So we’ve set aside this special time today for just that.

Yes we agreed to do this millennia ago. Even an eternity ago and NOW here we are.

It’s been my observation for a long time now that you have been struggling at this gift called life. For sure you have had some ups and downs as you like to put it. May be some incredible highs and very deep lows but always in the background there’s this fear.

Fear of Life.

That’s what calls me to write today. You know, in truth, there is nothing to fear.


For life is eternal and YOU are it. It’s really that simple but right now it probably doesn’t seem or feel that way to you. So let me expand on this a bit and see where it takes us.

You may have heard that your scientists have said: “energy can neither be created or destroyed” and then go on to add “rather it can only be transformed from one form to another.” It’s often referred to as The Law of Conservation of Energy.

The scientists are right. Frequently this law is only thought of in terms of physical phenomena. Say you strike a match… the chemical energy gets converted to heat energy, light energy and sound energy. The energy has not been destroyed just transformed.

The Universe is energy! Energy aware of itself!

That’s what consciousness is. That’s what life is. That’s what you really are.

That means it is eternal.

That means YOU are eternal. Let me say that again in case you missed it.

YOU are eternal.

YOU cannot be created or destroyed. YOU can however change form.

It has been said in spiritual texts that you were created in my likeness. Again this is true. However, it has been much misunderstood!

Humanity has most often translated this into some image of me say typically a bearded man in the sky looking over you all and quite often judging you all allowing some into heaven with me and others to hell and various other unpleasant states. None of this could be further from the truth.

In my image and likeness actually means YOU are also this eternal, Self aware energy. This is my image and likeness.

‘I’ am eternal, formless, timeless, Infinite, Silence.

It is beauty beyond words. For ‘I’ am beyond words and so my friend are YOU. It cannot be any other way.

All must be ‘contained within me as me.’ Nothing can be separate from me. Nothing. How would this be possible since that which I am is Infinite? That wouldn’t make any sense would it?

Yet you continue to believe in the myth. In fear of me. When ‘I’ have only love for you.

Why would there be judgement if there is no separation? It would mean ‘I’ was judging myself. An idea that is so ridiculous that it is simply untrue.

Since my very essence is Infinite. Every facet of my expression in you is automatically connected to every other facet. There are no gaps. No separation.

This form that you have, you call it your body isn’t actually you. It is like a projection from the Infinite so that ‘I’ can experience myself through you. This is done in infinite variety. Since my capacity is unlimited it’s all done in the instantaneous moment of NOW.

ALL of it. Here NOW.

From the perspective of mind (small m) this feels impossible to grasp. From the perspective of the Infinite it makes perfect sense. Your heart knows this already and this is a heart to heart after all.

Your cries of pain and anguish and your moments of greatest joy are all heard. Never missed. Yet you are always at choice and this is also a Universal Law that can never be violated.

My invitation for you to ‘join me’ not that we are separate is eternal.

It’s a choice. Yes!

Now given that you are created from the stuff of consciousness. Energy. You are at liberty to transform literally from within.

This transformation is one of awareness.

You may have spent all of your life in your body looking down at your feet so to speak. When there is a whole Universe awaiting to be Realised such is the magnitude of the gift of life.

‘I’ don’t do things by halves, ‘I’ only deal in wholes, totalities, Infinite to make it clear. The ‘I’ being used in this letter is always the Infinite ‘I’.

So when the Mystic Poet Rumi said:

“You are not a drop in the ocean but the entire ocean in drop.” This was and remains a very beautiful description of you and me! Yes.

All of ‘me’ is poured into YOU. Remember ‘I’ only deal in totalities. In that same moment all of me is poured into all. The Infinite IS like that. Unlimited in, well, an unlimited way! All in no time at ALL.

So where does this leave us? Well it means there’s only ONE of US here.

ONE of US. Constantly transforming, shifting, flowing through life as life.

So there really is nothing to fear. YOU have been part of this picture for all of eternity. This form, this body you have may transform but YOU in your highest truth will not be lost.

YOU are eternal.

All your suffering comes from one case of mistaken ‘i’ – dentity. The small ‘i’. That you have thought and believed that you are. This body of yours, its story and its experiences. You simply forgot the rest of you by focusing on one tiny element.

There’s nothing wrong in this by the way. There’s no judgement about it. There’s no test here. No exam to pass. No one on the door of heaven. There is no door.

It’s all about where your attention is placed. When it’s focussed on identity which we’ll capture as thoughts and beliefs obsessed with themselves then suffering is inevitable. For all these are temporary, transient, impermanent.

Not to be relied upon!

It’s your trust in the impermanence, identification and attachment to it that causes the suffering. For these impermanent things are like crutches to ego. They inevitably transform, change and leave ego floundering.

This is putting your trust in a fundamentally ineffective place.

Placing your trust in the permanent however is the perfect solution. The Universal Energy of Consciousness. Infinite. Silence. Yes that is energy aware of itSelf as itSelf.

That’s all that’s necessary an ‘apparent’ shift of focus. That’s really the essence of my invitation to you.

Instead of identifying with the impermanent remember the permanent. Instead of focusing on physical phenomena focus on the Silence.

The simple fact that phenomena can be reported or described like your senses report touch, hearing, sight and so means that ALL the phenomena are being observed from a higher and actually permanent awareness the Silence itSelf. Me in other words.

Even the sense of beingness the pure sense I AM with nothing after the words I AM can be seen, witnessed and reported from this deeper essence.

So you must be the ultimate observer. The Silence itSelf.

It’s the only thing that makes sense.

All ‘I’ truly know IS Silence.

The rest is simply the play of consciousness and impermanent. Only the Silence is permanent and YOU, my friend, are it and we are one.

How are we doing?

It’s excellent that you have taken so much time to listen today. Listen not only by reading this but by opening to it with your heart. The words on this page are only a tiny fraction of the communication going on here. They are a vehicle which carry the vibration of the Silence with them.

So many spend time praying for this that and the other when the most effective place is to be still and silent. That way you can actually hear me.

When it was said:

“Be still and know that I am God.”

That was great advice. From guess who? Yes, YOURS truly.

In the stillness you will find me. Always. All ways.

For I am the ‘knowing’ the eternal.

This leads us to look at a myth. That there is something that you have to do or be to be with me. Let me be direct on this.

This myth is absolute nonsense.

It’s important to be crystal clear on this. There is nothing you have to do. Not only that Nothing Matters.

You see the Infinite cannot be anything other than Infinite. It’s kind of cool that way.

It can play a game. A game of hide and seek. Pretending not to be itSelf like you do when you think you are your body and its story. Hiding from your truth. Then having done this for long enough you forgot your truth and so go in search of it. Seeking.

Call off the search.

Be still and know that I am God.

We are not separate but ONE. Place your attention in the Silence. Let all phenomena be observed as just that effects in consciousness. Just effects. Like effects in a movie. Not the movie itself. Not life itself but an effect.

Life is not the effect.

Life IS Life. The effects die away. Only Life is left. So we can also say. Life IS Death. Death of the phenomena, [identification with] ego, or even transformation of the phenomena back into Life. Back to where we started then…

Energy can neither be created nor destroyed. Rather it can only be transformed.

The great transformation back into its very source. YOU.

This whole letter today is an invitation HOME to meet me.

When you accept the invitation unreservedly we will meet and you will finally see…

I AM YOU. We are ONE.

Be still and know that I AM God.

Now IS the ideal time to connect. You can use this meditation video produced just for you below. This has recently been re-recorded on a Live Stream in April 2022 on Insight Timer where you can also enjoy Philip’s Live Stream Self Realisation Programme. Below that are the original recordings in 2018 including follow up streams offering insight into different parts of the letter.

If this letter has touched you today feel free to share it. The social media icons near the top right of this page will allow you to do so (click on the three dots joined by lines for options).

You can also share your experiences in the comments section: scroll below the recommended posts. Blessings and gratitude.

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  • Vera Lennie

    May these meaningful words raise the consciousness of mankind to a greater understanding of love, life, peace and harmony. In the stillness of the mind the connection is indeed of wonder and awe for the natural beauty of our earth and all life of the animal and plant kingdoms and the spiritual connection between all people throughout the world whatever the race,creed. or ethnic background for surely we are all evolving equal souls on a spiritual journey of love and compassion. Many Blessings of hope and joy, thank you Philip xx

  • Debra

    Thank you ✨
    A question arises about those traumatized …in wars…kids witnessing awful bombings and loosing everything – even parents. Other ways do people feel traumatized — and many are empaths feeling the All of it. How, Dear Philip, do we apply this wonderful message of serenity to that?

    • Philip Wade

      Blessings Debra. You know for the kind of things you mention was a major impulse for this letter. The awareness of just that kind of suffering.

      For those in these kinds of situation. The absolute truth will likely feel a million miles away and we as humans do what we can with compassion and love to work towards bringing such situations to an end. Though this kind of suffering has gone on, in human terms, for a long time and will continue to do so unless we are prepared to look at ourselves fully.

      It goes on because people on a global scale believe so much in the small ‘i’ – ‘i’-dentity and it’s beliefs to the extent that they even believe that their beliefs are better than the next persons beliefs and, as a result, of these beliefs separate themselves from not only their true nature but those of their fellow humans. They dehumanise them and so all manner of suffering, war and so on is seemingly justifiable. It isn’t of course.

      The scope of this is vast from the dispute within a family for example, ‘I am right you are wrong’ scenario to full out war between nations. Both lead to suffering which we may say are different in degree but the fundamental root of them is the same. The far extreme of it is the suffering you speak of.

      The biggest dispute is that within ourselves. Yes. Ourselves. We accept this small ‘i’ as our identity and believe in it and justify it to ourselves. There’s an inner war going on which made manifest in its worst extremes leads to outer war.

      When inner peace is realised outer peace becomes possible at last. Not before this.

      So we return to the invitation HOME in the letter. It is an eternal one. Are we prepared to drop the small ‘i’ and its beliefs? Face the fears, feel the feelings and see as the letter points at that they are being watched and witnessed from the deeper, eternal and Infinite Silence, Source. This alone this trust in that highest and permanent truth and not the small ‘i’ is enough to bring about the miracle of transformation. This you will see for yourself if you but allow this. This is the invitation. The unreserved acceptance of this highest truth. The power of this is unlimited. This will be seen and known experientially to be true.

      If we always do what we have always done we will continue to suffer. If we open to that which is beyond all this, the transformation is inevitable and is a great gift from life to life.

      The ‘process’ in this post: Transmuting Fear into Love (https://gatewaylocation.org/transmuting-fear-into-love/) using the same meditation above provides a powerful way of opening to this.

  • Aitor Yraola

    Thanks God for this long letter

  • Christine Behan

    Just BEAUTIFUL. My BELOVED Father….

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