A Matter of Life and Death

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In June of this year (2014) in the midst of some powerful energetic experiences suddenly emerging from the stillness within came this message:

Life IS Death.

This was a powerful message and a profound insight.

At first, to the mind, it may seem the strangest thing to say! Look beyond the words to what they point to and the ‘truth’ of the message emerges. It is not death of the ‘body vehicle’ being referred to here. NO. It is the death of the idea of YOU or Me. YOU or ME as something separate from everyone and everything else, something incomplete, identified with something. Read that as Some Thing. When that idea of YOU or Me, that human concept dies life is there:

Life IS.

A simple and yet profound ISness. Still and Silent. Joyful. This IS Life. The animating principle that expresses itself in infinite variety. It both IS and emerges from the Infinite Silence. This body, inhabited is a vehicle through which Life is experienced in the physical.

The body is not Life itself but a vehicle or tool of life.

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When the body passes on or dies Life still IS. Present. Perfect. Forever.

In this expression of consciousness that is writing these words. This ‘Truth’ was profound. It let go of an identification with some past role in this life that was not truth, not complete. As that shift settled in so did the energies the body was experiencing as a lot of heat. All the resistance left and balance emerged from the prior ‘chaos’.

In the triangular image opposite is another representation of this profound message, signpost or insight. This representation came to me after a discussion with a friend, James. Thanks to James. I was sharing the insight and experience and James being versed in literature and language and a deeply spiritual person himself immediately resonated with what I was sharing and went on to offer the idea of playing with the words thus:

Life IS Death

Death IS Life

IS Life Death

We immediately saw more depth still in the insight.

Later I also realised the IS deliberately shown in capital letters was pointing towards: Infinite Silence.

You can see the page dedicated to this here.

Looking at, hearing, feeling, sensing what these combinations are pointing to one can see that they all say or point to the same thing even though the word order is different. We’ve already explored the first version. Take a look at the second:

Death IS Life.

Do you see it says the same thing, albeit in reverse, to the first?

Death of the identification, the concept and Life is left.

IS Life Death. Seems like a question but no! Read it this way: IS. Life. Death. IS being the ISness, the Infinite Silence from which ALL emerges including the transient.

The transient ‘dies’ leaving only Life.

This may seem like word games to the mind but it is more than that. Life expresses itself in infinite variety. We see that everyday. We see that it is cyclical. We experience that. We are Life. It may ‘seem’ like we are in a process of becoming but in Truth. We already ARE Life.

So, when it looks like the old in you, that which you thought you were, that role, that job, that character, that personality dies and leaves it is a time for celebration. Sadness may show its face but it is a letting go energy.

When looked at in the face sadness can only melt away in the face of Life. When the sadness is let go of the awareness of space emerges and that space is filled with light.

Your experience becomes lighter for you are lighter. You have let go of  the burden of an identity that is not you that you may have been carrying for a long time.

The video on this blog complements and reinforces these written words. If you haven’t already done so I invite you to listen and deepen into the awareness of what this insight: Life IS Death is pointing YOU towards.


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