This whole site is an Invitation to YOUR divine truth!

By sharing the most profound spiritual insights and experience you can open into YOUR TRUTH. YOUR innate essence. The call of YOUR soul.

My role is that of an advocate, a messenger if you like. You already know the way. You have merely forgotten.

It is simple. It involves the calling of your heart. The 8 minute video provides a simple, yet powerful, exercise that will open up the deeper seeing. It is helpful to use this exercise regularly. Sometimes it may be necessary to use it a number of times especially if you are feeling locked in the mind space!

Enlightenment – what is it? Is a 28 minute video that offers direct insight as to what it really is.

Who am I? The fundamental Spiritual Inquiry. 8 mins.

Enlightenment – What is it? 28 mins

Who am I?
The question dissolves the questioner and the Self is Realised.

Installed on 11 May, 2024 just for fun. A red dot represents a visit from someone in that location and the pinned flag locates where you are live.