About Philip, a Western Mystic Gateway Location

After a 14 year Meditation Journey, Philip experientially realised the nature of the True Self which referred to itself as Infinite Silence.

In his former life, Philip was a Chartered Civil Engineer and Operating Group Director of a large Business. In 2000 in response to dreaming about work on a skiing holiday Philip began Meditation. Ultimately, this led him to leave his old world behind in 2009 at the height of his career to focus on a deep inner calling.

Since 2014 he has shared the gift of Self Realisation with the world in ways led by Meditative Insight through direct experience of the Infinite Silence Meditation, Spiritual Inquiry, Infinite Touch and via his website and other outlets. His style is simple, compassionate and offers exquisite clarity. His sharing is all based on direct experience, is not rooted in any tradition and is ideal for the present era.

Unexpectedly Philip was both inspired and invited to offer events in person in the UK, Iceland, Greece (Corfu and Crete) and Amsterdam and globally online.

Philip lives near the small but very beautiful Cathedral City of Ripon, North Yorkshire, England. With his Wife Sue, they have created a purpose built Meditation space for events. He light-heartedly calls it the Universal Studio!

Because of the misunderstandings and spiritual blocks that can be associated with them he has never been a fan of labels people have called him including: Guru, Teacher, Master.

Recently (late 2021) in Meditation it was made clear the term Western Mystic was to be used. Whilst the ‘Western’ term is, in truth, superfluous the intention that was made clear was to draw out the fact that his sharing is all rooted in direct experience and is he is not ‘schooled’ in Eastern Teachings. Experience has shown that this has made the material accessible to a broad audience.

His message focuses on helping people recognise, inquire into and experience the absolute simplicity and power of the Infinite Silence that is our true essence.

In the Video below (8 minutes), on one of the many Live Streams, Philip was asked several times about his Realisation this is his response:


Rosemary shares her Realisation (2.5 minutes)

Buddha at the Gas Pump Interview: (2 hours)

With Sif Yraola of Home of Gaia, Amsterdam & Iceland: Spiritual Inquiry Questions in depth (1.5 hours)

Experiences in their own words (6 minutes)

With Harry Matadeen of Alkalise to Realise Talk Show: Spiritual Inquiry Questions in depth (1 hour 13 mins)

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