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The only time you ever experience is NOW
Ponder this
It’s only ever NOW
It is said “Memory has poor vision”
There is a pointer to truth in this
Future is only a projection or a prediction
Most often based on fears
“Prediction is difficult especially if it involves the future!*”
Placing your attention in either past or future makes you eccentric!
That is off your centre, your truth
Being here NOW Centres you
It is natural
Our past may teach but how often do we truly listen
The greatest teacher is in YOU
Here NOW
It is in the voice of your heart and soul
It is in the Silence
Infinite Silence
The sound of Infinite Silence is full of Grace
Pause to listen NOW
For then you have WON
NOW = WON the same three letters
You have WON your Self back
That’s the Ultimate Prize
It’s WON-derful NOW

* This quote is accredited to many in various forms not least Niels Bohr a famous physicist a founding father if you will of quantum physics.

Gratitude also to Ruth Zand who shared with me in an email recently her delightful insight and play with words: NOW = WON just beautiful and powerful! Working with that I’ve integrated it into this divine droplet simply by listening in Infinite Silence.

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