Access high consciousness ‘As Easy as ABC’

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Imagine being able to access very high consciousness with ease. Well, you can. Anyone can.

All you need is to give yourself ‘permission’ to experience your Spheres Of Light and ‘bingo’ things will start unfolding in a way that is perfect for you.

Can it really be that easy? Yes! As more and more people open to the possibility that there is indeed ‘more to life’, the ‘veil’ of illusion we think of as our reality thins. It gets easier day by day to slip into ‘grace’ and ‘ease’.

Why is this so? In essence, and in truth we are all interconnected. All of life is interconnected. We are all one. A shift to a higher state of being in one person automatically affects another. In a process akin to osmosis, shifts in consciousness take place. As Kirsty from Newcastle said:

I absolutely agree about the osmosis effect. My own deep healing has ‘coincided’ with family and others reaching critical points where they too have faced a fundamental question, whether to heal or to continue an unhealed life… This is the opportunity for several generations to be healed, and avoid passing on their dramas again to be lived over and over.

Excited? You have every reason to be. Uncertain? Then be open to giving yourself ‘permission’ to at least exploring the experience. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by the results.

Why ‘permission?’ Well, because for many, and perhaps most of us, we have been taught to live life by rules, regulations and believe that we are small. When the truth is we are big.

We are truly magnificent Spheres Of Light. Each one of us.

When we give ourselves permission to get ‘in touch’ with our innate beauty, our whole self, our core essence, we set in process an unstoppable chain of events as our inner ‘light’ says a big ‘yes!’ Its’ presence has been recognised at last and it both metaphorically and literally leaps for joy. That’s the excitement you feel. If you can feel that bubbling up now – stop reading and get in touch with it. Stay with it. For the words have merely acted as a signpost, a gateway to something you already know. It’s the experience that counts!

How do we know this is true? Trish Pearson an Elevating Consciousness (workshop) attendee from Harrogate had this to say:

It was a very profound moment at the workshop when I found my inner peace – I never knew how wonderful that could feel. That day was very significant and has very much changed everything for me. I have gone so much further on my spiritual path than I ever imagined so a huge thank you to you for sharing this with us all!!! I feel like a totally new person!

A one off? No. The norm. We’ve shared this with many people now and they’ve all experienced a blessing in their lives in a way that is perfect for them. Whether it be spiritual growth, healing, a realisation or all of these. Nigel Cousins from Thornton Le Dale is another example:

During the first minute of this second engagement with the Spheres Of Light I was aware of a circle of butterflies changing to flowers, changing to birds, then back to butterflies and continuing through this cycle. Then I was totally and utterly at peace. All I was aware of was PEACEFULNESS. By the end of the weekend I felt like I was a twenty year old again.


Part of a blog I originally wrote and published on the Spheres Of Light site: 22/02/2012

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