All ‘I’ truly know is Silence

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All I truly know is Silence.

When this offering from the Silence was shared recently on Facebook it touched a number people deeply. So it feels like time to expand upon this a little more.

An important awareness to note here is that the ‘I’ isn’t the individual ‘I’ that we are so used to identifying with. It is the Infinite ‘I’ the Silence itSELF.

This Silence knows itSELF as itSELF. It is SELF aware energy that is beyond the human imagining.

It is a knowing beyond normal knowing. Not of things but simply of itSELF as unlimited, timeless, formless Silence with Infinite Capacity. Taking the idea of abundance to level beyond the mind.

It IS the very source. It IS YOU. Though it is totally non-personal.

It IS totally pure, untouched, unmoved and unchanging permanence.

It IS before even the very pure state I, AM, beingness.

This is what this I truly knows.

All else is a projection from this space in an instantaneous flash of the pure creative power of the Silence that in that same instant collapses back into and as the Silence. All that we consider to have taken place in space and time, past present and future is ‘created’ and ‘annihilated’ in that flash.

It is wondrous beyond the human ken. Yet to this power it is a simple matter.

In the human form we talk of knowledge and intelligence but these of temporal things that we think we know. They are useful for the physical domain but completely inadequate for ultimate realm of the TRUE SELF.

We may think we know things however, that really is only a limited perception based on senses, measurements which are only a tiny fraction of the picture. The human senses as beautiful as they are only represent a small fraction of the energetic spectrum just in the physical domain. We know this to be so from both science and observation of the animal kingdom whose senses are tuned differently to ours. Depending on the species they may have vastly superior vision, hearing or smell for instance.

Yet in the human domain based on our limited perceptions and beliefs we think that we know both what the world is and our experience of it. Yet really this is both an incredibly limited view, almost naive and can even be arrogant when we argue about this is how things are based only this information.

It’s incredible that we do this but we do, have done and continue to do and most of it goes unchallenged like we are in some collusion with each other on this.

Science is slowly catching up with spiritual intelligence but it is nowhere close to ultimate truth. Truth will never be fully revealed experientially through science it will only be experiential through conscious Self Realisation.

Then we will come to realise many things, much wisdom and key amongst it will be that which we thought to be true about ourselves and the physical world wasn’t even close.

We will realise that all IS Silence and Silence IS ALL.

Hence ALL I truly know IS Silence.


Beyond words, beyond mind, beyond the beyond.


Blessings in Infinite Silence,

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