All in One Peace!

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All in One Peace!

That is the truth of YOU. You are:


In One



This is where our fibre optic lamp metaphor comes in once again! When you see that metaphor it is evident all the light is coming from one place spreading out in infinite ways/infinite variety. It is not just some nice spiritual insight. It is TRUTH.

When you touch truth it has a habit of continuing to knock at your door until you listen.

Sometimes it is a gentle and quiet message from within but if you have ignored it enough and for long enough it can be one huge wake up call as many on the spiritual path will testify.

How do you know it is truth, YOUR TRUTH talking to you. How do you distinguish the messages from the mind from those within?

One will bring joy and stillness. The other activity.

Activity is not joy. It is busy-ness. It is identification with myriad things from thought to form. Truth is formless and thought-less or put another way without thought, that is the absence of thought! Peace in other words. Not thoughtless as we normally think of it, that is something completely different!

Messages from the mind are messages of identification. They will contain should/shouldn’t, could have/would have they will be judgements of you or others, they will contain need/want/lack. Mind and ego is never satisfied.

Truth on the other hand is Peace. It just IS. It is perfect and natural and here now.

It is:

All in One Peace! All in One Piece! It is both and more. It is infinite.

It is the Infinite Silence, the infinite Sphere Of Light. It is you.



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