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AMSTERDAM – ILMA YOGA HOUSE – 26 & 27 November 2016




Philip leads you into a simple and powerful way of experiencing YOUR innate truth and elevating your consciousness.


Who are YOU in truth? Profound insight

An opening into Self-Realisation & Self-Inquiry

Your spiritual questions explored

Event details below and to book follow the links.

Amsterdam 2016 Gateway Location
Ilma Yoga House
Amsterdam 2016 Gateway Location
Philip Wade, to find out more about Philip click on the image
  • The Spheres Of light [Workshop] has been one of the most incredible days ever, in fact I would go so far as to say it has been somewhat of an Epiphany!

    Amsterdam 2016 Gateway Location
    Simon Whitehead
  • The Spheres of Light for me was an experience of pure consciousness and a connection with the heart, transporting me to a place of blissful stillness. This is truly having your soul dipped in divine Light.

    Amsterdam 2016 Gateway Location
    Dr Christine Behan
  • "Life changing" doesn't go far enough… the adjective that keeps surfacing re IS [Infinite Silence] is: Profound. Profound in the simplicity of the access--so easy, so effortless; profound in the Expansiveness of the experience. And the Profound Gentle Kindness of the "facilitator":

    Amsterdam 2016 Gateway Location
    Lin, Los Angeles, USA
  • Just to say what a great blessing the Infinite Silence was on Sunday. Absolutely wonderful and so deep and utterly profound. Thank you so much. God speaks through you so beautifully.

    Amsterdam 2016 Gateway Location
    Dr Christine Behan

ILMA YOGA HOUSE, Leerdamhof 471
1108 CN Amsterdam
26 & 27th November 2016

Inspirational, Insightful and Informative Inquiry into YOUR truth

Amsterdam 2016 Gateway Location

26 & 27th November, 2016
Spheres Of Light – Infinite Silence (SOLIS)
Gathering in Grace

Ilma Yoga House, Leerdamhof 471, Amsterdam

A two day deep immersion in the Grace of SOL IS.

It is a profound opportunity experience your innate truth, an opening into Self Realisation and Spiritual Inquiry.

Listen to the calling of your heart and soul and realise how to transform your life from the inside out!

The day in itself a transformative experience as testified by many people who have attended SOL IS events.

If the event is full when you get to the booking page click “add to wait list” and you will automatically be notified of any places coming available.

Amsterdam 2016 Gateway Location

Local organisers of the Gathering with Philip

Sif Yraola, Evelien Fokker, Ilma at the Yoga House

Sif Yraola is from Iceland and experienced a Spheres Of Light Infinite Silence Gathering in Grace with Philip there this summer. She experienced a considerable shift in the workshop and invited Philip to Amsterdam to share the experience there. She is visionary, entrepreneur, coach, anthropologist, healer, artist, out of the box thinker and much more. Her passion is self growth, creativity and expansion.

Amsterdam 2016 Gateway Location

Evelien Fokker lives in the Netherlands and experienced a one day event with Philip at Corfu Buddha Hall this summer and also experienced an energetic shift. She is a trainer/coach in personal development, Yoga Instructor and Cellist and often combines the two in her Yoga classes!


Amsterdam 2016 Gateway Location

Ilma lives in the Netherlands and at the age of 18 yoga, meditation and vegetarian food changed her life. She has traveled extensively to Sweden, India and Brazil in pursuit of her passions and founded the teaching of yoga in the fa vela in Sao Paolo a project still supported by the Brazilian Govt. She now focuses on support and coaching people into greater alignment with themselves and living to their potential with the power of awareness also offering massage and yoga. She is the owner of the Yoga House the venue for the Gathering.

Website: Ilma

Amsterdam 2016 Gateway Location
  • I attended The Spheres of Light workshop today and I can honestly say it was the best workshop I have ever attended!

    Amsterdam 2016 Gateway Location
    Clare Eastham, Lancashire, UK
  • The Spheres Of light [Workshop] has been one of the most incredible days ever, in fact I would go so far as to say it has been somewhat of an Epiphany!

    Amsterdam 2016 Gateway Location
    Simon Whitehead
  • Good morning Philip, I would like to thank you for an amazing workshop on Saturday, it was just what my soul needed.

    Andrea Walsh
  • You're amazing Philip sharing your knowledge and insights from the heart not the Ego.

    Amsterdam 2016 Gateway Location
    Jackie Blain
  • I walked into your event and for sure skipped out of it all the better for having listened to your words of truth and wisdom. What stood out for me was you encouraging others not to believe you ~ to experience truth ourselves. I Know from intimate experience with my higher self, from journeying deep within the core of silence, that it is for sure the way to energize, grow and reach ones potential. It was for sure confirmation for me of the truth I awakened to several years ago. I found it truly refreshing to hear a language that resonates deeply within me.    

    Amsterdam 2016 Gateway Location
    Ruth Zand
  • “I knew that the weekend would be extremely enlightening..... and even over a week later I am reflecting on the experience and know that I am now more connected to my true self than I was prior to the retreat.”

    Amsterdam 2016 Gateway Location
    Paul Stephen, Leeds
  • “I can honestly say, if people are called to your future retreats then they will benefit enormously from it, the Awakening Retreat will remain a very special time in my life.”

    Amsterdam 2016 Gateway Location
    Adi, Lancashire
  • Hello beautiful soul, I have had the most wonderful weekend, and feel truly blessed to have shared this space with you and everyone. I have never felt such peace as I felt this weekend.. and that is something that will stay with me forever, thank you.

    Amsterdam 2016 Gateway Location
    Lesley Vickers
  • Hi Philip, I can't put into words what the weekend has meant to me, at last I have found my soul my heart I now feel it. The things I spoke to you about, it feels like a weight has been lifted. I have tried the observer and it works of course!!! From my soul to yours, my love, thanks, and gratitude. Maria xx

    Amsterdam 2016 Gateway Location
    Maria Gibson
  • All in all a really good weekend on all fronts, spiritually, energetically, relaxing, dealing with past hurts and moving forward into a positive present. It was very profound in finding, accepting and liking myself. By the end of the weekend I felt like I was a twenty year old again. Nigel Cousins, Thornton Le Dale

    Nigel Cousins

Good Public Transport Links to the Yoga House

If you come from Schiphol airport you can take the train to Diemen Zuid, Duivendrecht, ore Central Station, and from there take the the subway/metro 53, direction GAASPERPLAS. It will take approximately 15 min to get to the last stop of the line, GAASPERPLAS:

By car

From the A10 take exit S112 in the direction Zuid-oost, Gaasperdam. You drive (70km per hour speed limit) until you reach the traffic lights to go on the A9.

On the A9 you take the first left and then take the first right you’ve reached the garage Leerdamhof.

From the A9 take the same exit S112, once you have reached the traffic lights take the direction Gaasperdam, turn left at the traffic lights and then take the first road to the right, the Leerdamhof garage will appear in front of you.

On foot/ walking

Get off the subway and walk downstairs.

You will see a red bicycle path, go to the right and follow the path, this runs all the way until you will see a blue school on your right hand side and a tennis court on your left, continue straight on until you reach a junction, there
turn left, then go straight ahead until you see a lake and small boats, than at the last block on your right you have reached block L.

Your destination, Leerdamhof 471.
Ilma Yoga-House!

Please call 0031 6 220 50 207 if the bell does not work.

Ilma Yoga House Leerdamhof 471

Tel. Ilma Yoga House: +31 6 220 50 207
Tel. Philip Wade: +44 7836 366 400
Tel. Sif Yraola: +35 4 849 6238
Tel. Evelien Fokker: +31 6 391 27 163

Are you looking for a Gathering in Grace near you? Then you can consider hosting an event. If you can provide: a suitable venue (cost met by your group) – ideally light/spacious, enough attendees and donations sufficient to cover my costs to you then I will consider that option.

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