And the winner IS…

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And the winner is you!
Well, more accurately, the egoic mind
It won Best Actor/ress, Best Director, Best Screenplay at the Oscars, in fact, the lot
In the ‘Comedy of Errors*’ of life lived
That’s what its like with the ego
It’s always acting at the top of its game
Bobbing and weaving
Ducking and diving
More cunning than a fox
Keeping you safe
Running scared
From life
It’s been doing this a long time
Most of your life in this body
‘When you fire it from its job
It keeps on turning up for work
You say: “But I fired you.**”
It says: “You were thinking about it!**”
It all came from the egoic mind
Instead of from the heart
It doesn’t really exist
You’ve believed it into existence
Thoughts appeared and you believed them
That’s ego
Then comes your second chance
Heart speaks in that quiet and still voice within
The sound of Infinite Silence
It whispers TRUTH
Listen to your heart totally
It never lies
Then you will be in the NOW
YOU will have WON (the same letters backwards)
Something more valuable than the Oscars or Golden Globes
YOU will have WON YOU back
YOU will see that YOU were never lost
The Universe will announce:
“And the winner IS”
The Universe Rejoices in YOU, Through YOU as YOU

*Comedy of Errors by Shakespeare
** Paraphrased from Mooji

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