Are you being served?

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Are you being served?

For the British audience you’ll probably associate these words with the TV Sitcom featuring the appropriately named department store Grace Brothers which also just happens to fit this post perfectly!

You’ll see why.

Apparently, they’ve just done a one of re-run or re-make which didn’t go down too well but that is by the by. As soon as I saw the title for the first time in years it struck me as a perfect opportunity and trigger for sharing spiritual insight.

Many times in guiding people to see their ultimate truth for themselves I will use words something like “it’s key to let go of that which no longer serves you.”

You see the Universe does this. It is YOU and it also serves you in experiencing yourself.

Are you being served?

Yes! All the time.

The diet you are being served in life though I’d hazard a guess is not entirely to your liking a good proportion of the time.

Sometimes all is well but then you’d wish for things to better, more peaceful, more joyful, more abundant consistently. Am I right?

Of course!

So why are you being served this mixed diet?

It is because of your belief, identification and attachment to something less than the totality of your truth.

Simple. Or simples (as they say on the meerkat adverts).

The more energy you put into this false belief about yourself the more mixed and the more suffering you will experience.

You see what we call mind which I equate with ego is simply this:

Thoughts + belief in those thoughts = mind = ego

When you ‘catch the Train of thought’ it will take you to many stations none of which are your truth! Add in the weight of belief and straight away the diet of life you are being served will be challenging.

You suffer. You want it to be different. You judge it. You judge yourself for it. You judge others and so it goes on.

So how to be served in a new way. The highest way?

Drop all of your beliefs about who you think you are. All of them!

You, from the space of mind, have no idea who you are. Your heart and soul on the other hand have this absolute trust and knowing of your truth. The source, your essence.

So why do you continue to believe in this stuff going on in your head?

It comes from conditioning. A conditioning that has been going on since at least your birth and, to some degree, even whilst in the womb. You have been bombarded and overlaid with the beliefs of others and taken them as your own.

Worse, as you have embraced and believed in them as your own, experiences have been served up to give you the evidence to support the belief.

All this has come from the mind which is not real anyway. You have created the experience of it being real by believing in it.

Thoughts are simply an energy. A passing energy like clouds. There is infinite variety in them. If you pay them no attention, they pass. If you follow them or catch the train they start to give you the experience of being controlled by them.

How to change this? I’ve said above. Stop believing in your thoughts.

Instead allow the quiet voice of your heart and soul to speak in you, through you as you.

It’s simply a matter of where you are resting your attention. If it’s in the head. It’s a very rocky road that lies ahead. If it’s in Infinite Silence. Life, or the experience of it is going to change and will start to change quickly if you allow and are consistent about it.

The fact that this is so profoundly simple to do is a major reason why most people don’t get it.

It can’t really be this simple goes the mind! You then believe that totally and you are off again on that rocky road.

Thought cannot heal your pain, presence will transform it.

It is as simple as resting your attention in the silence – Infinite Silence. Nothing could be simpler. Truly.

When you do this you will see that you can simply witness all that is unfolding including thoughts.

Miracles start to unfold not least of which is thoughts start losing their power over you until they have none at all and your truth is realised.

Self Realisation. Enlightenment. Truth. Grace.


Are you being served?


If you go with the head it will be a dis-grace a mixed bag in other words.

If you go with the heart and soul it will be Grace. Then as Mr Grace in the Sitcom used to say: “You’re all doing very well” and you are!

You will be that Grace for you are its very source.

Infinite Silence,


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