Are you free?

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Are you free?

This is one of the other classic lines from the old BBC TV sitcom: “Are you being served?” which I used as vehicle to share some insight on the other day. You can read it here.

The British audience will remember this question was asked by one of the staff members to another at Grace Brother’s Department store when they wanted to speak to them. You rarely saw any customers yet any time the question was asked a huge point was always made of looking around in every direction to make sure they were free and then they said:

“I’m free!”

Now, of course, this was relating to free from the needing to serve a customer. But what if we looked at this from a spiritual perspective. Spiritual Truth.

“Are you free?”

In truth, of course you are.

You are, in fact freedom itself, beyond even the concept of freedom!

Freedom implies, by the nature of the words and duality in general, that there is something that you need to be freed from. However, this is not really absolute truth though it is a useful word because it is a pointer to our ultimate truth.

When you open into your absolute truth which I refer to as Infinite Silence there will be no doubt that you are this Infinite Self. The source of all. That which gives birth to all and that to which all returns.

You are all of it! Yet nothing in particular. No thing.

You see this is the nature of Infinite.

It is beyond any limitations. Beyond form, time, space. It just IS.

You are that.

This means that you are already that which you seek.

So as in my post: “Call off the search” you can stop looking and start realising your truth.

Now the YOU I am referring to here is the ultimate truth of YOU. So it’s not your body, your personality, ego or anything of the myriad things we identify with as us. None of these things are the true YOU.

All these things are just that things. They are bound by time and form and will eventually fail. That’s what things do.

Infinite Silence speaks:

Everything fails. You can’t control it.

When you realise you are that Infinite, there’s no need to worry about things. YOU, true you are going to be around for a very long time. Eternity in fact!

Nothing has any control over you. You are simply: Infinite Silence.

It’s not about believing what I say it’s about it being experiential for you.

Consider this. If God, the Universe or whatever label you wish to give it is Infinite how can you be outside of it? How can you be separate from it?

It is not possible!

Infinite Silence speaks:

Because of you the Universe is complete.

This is another profound pointer to ultimate truth that YOU, true YOU is in fact Infinite. Infinite Silence. You are completeness itself!

The idea of dividing Infinite up is simply a beautiful illusion so that the Infinite can create the experience of being itself.

You see if you are Infinite then there is nothing outside of you and there nothing to contrast against. Contrast is important for experience. For example: Large, small. Hot, cold. So the Infinite cannot experience itself by observing itself. What would it observe?

So YOU created this beautiful game where you imagined yourself to separate or divided from the whole so that you could look back on yourself and experience yourself. In doing so you created the possibility of amnesia because you started to identify, believe in and attach yourself to that which you created: Form and Time.

This identification with form and time creates the experience of separation and ego and thus suffering.

Letting go of the identification, belief and attachment to this illusion is what will allow the truth of you to emerge in this body.

You will still have this body but you will not be identified with it. You will realise experientially that you are, in truth, Infinite Silence.

Then the question? Are you free?

Will have answered itself, for YOU will know without a shadow of a doubt.

“I’m free” indeed beyond this:

You are, in fact freedom itself, beyond even the concept of freedom!

Blessings as Infinite Silence,



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  • Leothilda

    Wow, Philip! As my first name nowadays is Mustang I do not even have the words to explain how absolutely good this read was and so on point… and time. Now, when I have pealed all the layers, I think, I cannot lose anything cause I never really had it in the first place… and still… I have everything! It was a role I played in 3D and it was just for the learning experience. I knew that before, but now I have experienced it in life also. And I can clearly see how the people that have hurt me most are the ones who loves me the most. Everything is so clear. And yes… I have nothing, yet… I have everything. I AM FREE!!! Woohoo!!! So much love <3 <3 <3

    • Philip Wade

      That’s really beautiful to hear Leothilda (Mustang!!!) and what a great revelation and insight it is to unfold in you. I’m so joyful for you. Infinite Love

      <3 <3 <3

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