Arrogance of ego or highest truth?

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The ultimate arrogance of ego is thinking it knows better than the highest truth of the heart!

Just pause to take that in. It really says it all.

What was your reaction? Did it resonate, make you smile or even giggle or did it bring up some resistance or some combination of these?

Your hearts response to this is the truthful one and you already know this. So why waste energy on the other stuff. The stuff of egoic mind?

Why indeed!

For that’s what you are conditioned to do is waste energy on the untruths of ego mind.

At an event earlier this week whilst speaking with someone she’d had the realisation that being in the ego mind space was draining, draining her battery so to speak.

It was a great realisation for being in ego or personhood is like this. It is draining, tiring, stressful and more.

Ego mind is always analysing, questioning, doubting, holding back or stomping around. All a bit tiring? Yes.

Compared to glowing with the flow of grace and insight. Divinely inspired action of the heart.

Which will you choose? Which are you choosing?

Why have you chosen ego mind in the past or for the future? Ulitmately, it is out of fear. Ego has this illusion it is keeping you safe. But safe from what?

Its demise!

Yes, its demise. For ego says:

But who will I be if you let me go?


Yet Infinite Silence.

Let’s look at this a little more deeply. Ego = Mind = Thoughts + a set of beliefs.

A set of beliefs that are fluid and built up over time based on a potent cocktail of conditioning from parents, family, friends, teachers, society – the channels are many and the onslaught almost constant.

Looking at life through the lens of ego produces a confused picture. It has a very limited and clouded lens and, at the very best, only sees the tiniest part of the picture. It makes assessments and judgements and decisions based on this limited and confused database.

Heart, on the other hand, has a direct connection to source, to Infinite Silence which sees the total picture indeed is the total picture!

Going with ego is a game of Russian Roulette you will never win. It will kill you and it will do so painfully.

This may seem a bit stark but you know it is true. Not because I say so but because the inner knowing already sees this.

The system is perfect though because in the pain of the slow death created by ego a miracle occurs! This miracle is thus:

In the suffering is your invitation to truth.

It is saying: “Don’t go this way. Let it go and follow the heart instead.”

Will you listen? For you are always at choice.

The ultimate arrogance of ego is thinking it knows better than the highest truth of the heart.

Blessings as Infinite Silence,


The video on Trusting and Daring NOT to below expands on this further.

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  • Arjun Patil

    Ego means a person’s sense of self-esteem or self-importance.Ego kills every relationship. When we find the reality behind our false perception it’s then that we discover our EGO. And Ego then makes our blame game strong. Accept and give importance to others: it is one of the biggest challenges that we see in relationships. As every human is different from others and their opinions are also differ. It is very difficult to accept the point of views of other and make a compromise on them. If you don’t do so, it kills the relationships. Self-respect is very important for all, if you give importance to others, properly attend them and show affection, they notice it and such things matter a lot for others. This attitude strangers your relationship.

    • Philip Wade

      Some nice insights in here Arjun and thanks for sharing and yes ego is very much focussed on the blame-game! It loves to be right and you could also say it loves a fight.

      I wouldn’t equate ego with True Self Esteem (which is non-personal) though but yes true with the idea of self-importance which is an ego function. True Self Esteem doesn’t come from ego that ultimately comes from the awareness or Realisation of the True and Eternal Self. It is a beautiful Realisation and knowing. With this comes the acceptance of others but there is very important difference for in the realisation one sees that, in truth, there are no others. That we are all ONE yet each form is a unique expression of that ONEness. In this way we move beyond the concept of relationship with other to connection with others. Connection that is eternal. Relationship is only temporary and temporal and ego based and thus fraught with trouble. I trust this helps and thank you for sharing.

      There are few further insights here on this page of the site:

  • Elena

    I have just come to this site and am very interested in keeping in contact. I want to continue to focus on losing the ego.

    • Philip Wade

      Bless you Elena, and I am glad it spoke to you. There are a vast array of free resources on the site for you to enjoy. I have a feeling you may have connected with me on facebook also? Philip

  • Liz Whittall

    Thank you Philip x

    • Philip Wade

      You’re welcome as always Liz x

    • Julie Burton

      As always what you share invites greater understanding, after meditation in infinite silence, the realisation that follows brings a knowing.
      It’s this true knowing that is increasing my self esteem.
      As I understand it, all thoughts, positive or negative are ego based, and as such, have the power to control you in a good or bad way, if you stay in that mindset.
      Stepping out of thought completely, strips away conditioning as well as ego based teachings, leaving a pure heart felt inner glow of love and the sureness of secure knowing.
      It’s the strength of sureness that this thoughtless level brings that creates a stress free true self realisation and knowing. Enabling you to purely witness/observe behaviours and opinions of others nonjudgmental.
      To address issues with closed minded people empowers ego in the situation, resolving nothing purely.
      Learning about different skills, view points, and academic knowledge is valuable in life but all can lead you down an unstable path if ego takes over.
      Sharing knowledge, skills and view points, free from ego inspires growth to all and spreads love in an unconditional precious way.
      This is how I see it Philip.
      The peaceful knowing by meditating in SI is all and everything, enabling each individual to function as their true self as part of the whole to which we all belong ultimately.
      Truly listen to my heart, answering yes, or no, to situations spoke powerful to me on Wednesday. I’m flowing with this at the moment.

      • Philip Wade

        Beautiful Julie and I love the way it is flowering more deeply in you each time. Blessings in Silence, Philip

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