Ascension, simply expressed is about a shift in consciousness.

From fear to love. To experiencing your life as a Masterpiece of Joy.

A life in which you experience joy, unity, freedom and harmony. A life in which you ‘glow with the flow’ in harmony with Gaia (Earth) and its inhabitants.

This is about living from the heart. Living from the heart is living in the mystery. It is about living in each moment in true awareness no matter what the external circumstances are.

This comes about when we make the shift from head to heart.

We have been so used to living in our heads, living in the past or worrying about the future it may seem impossible to make such a dramatic shift. This shift is WITHIN our gift. WITHIN being the operative word. The answer lies WITHIN.

How do we access this awareness? By our INTENTION to do so.

Your head is likely to think – ‘it can’t be that simple!’ It is that simple and the gift of Spheres Of Light  and Infinite Silence which are innate to YOU and accessed by your Heart based Intention alone is here now and always to help us with that shift. It has been having a transformative effect on lives all around the planet. It can do so for YOU.

This shift happens in the present moment, in the NOW and life unfolds from there. Hence the quote below. It is not something that comes from the mind by pre-planning or second guessing it emerges from your very essence in the moment. It is your very essence.

When you allow that you are in flow and all questions are dropped.

“Living from the heart is living in the mystery.”

Philip Wade

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