Because of YOU the Universe is complete!

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“Because of you the Universe is complete!”

A big statement? No, a pointer to TRUTH.

This message came to my wife Sue and I felt it was high time it was expanded upon.

From the place of the egoic-mind or small-self this message can look like an over-inflated view of oneself! We’ve all experienced the ravages of ego and it can make you look small, build you up and then shoot you down. That’s ego for you!

TRUTH, on the other hand is TRUTH. It is pure. Unfettered by the duality-consciousness of ego.

TRUTH is Unity Consciousness. Our true state.

It is total, unlimited, infinite and, actually, beyond even these concepts.

So a statement like: Infinity minus you or Infinity minus – 1 is meaningless. The only thing that makes sense is the inclusiveness of ALL and that fellow ‘children of the Ocean’ includes YOU.

Because of YOU the Universe is complete.

It cannot be any other way!

You and the Universe are inseparable and thus ONE and thus imbued with all its grace, beauty and power. You are this.

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