Being a Mirror to Truth

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Being a mirror to the truth in others is the greatest gift you can offer.

It is a natural gift that is within all of us. It is automatic requiring no effort on your part. Yet, for the most part, the vast majority of us don’t embrace or recognise it.

Why is this?

It’s because for most of us a substantial amount of the time we act like we are mirrors to others ego, pain and suffering. These are all the same thing.

You can be quite happily going about your business with no worries and then someone does something or something happens you don’t like. It makes you angry, upset, tearful and more. You may even blame the other for their actions or the situation never considering that there may be something in you to be released.

Alternatively, you may be feeling a little low, upset or whatever and someone or something comes along you really value and love and in your experience generally lifts you up. Your mood shifts positively.

What happened in the above scenarios?

Was it the others or the situation or was it you?

It was you!

You are the one that the experience unfolded in. In both cases the others could be completely oblivious and may have had no focus or attention on the impact on others. If it was just a situation how could that do something to you? Yet in both cases there was a shift in you.

It has to be you!

Yet generally people are so used to giving their power away to others and situations suffering often greatly as a result.

How can you change this then? Take in this profound insight and truth.

Thought cannot heal your pain, presence will transform it.

It was your thought and belief in that thought about the above situations that was central to creating your experience.

Thoughts plus belief = mind = ego = suffering

A very simple equation!

Now mind may like to say it’s not that simple but it is. It might also like to say but I didn’t suffer in the second scenario I was uplifted. Not true! Why?

Egoic mind will do all it can to preserve its identity to keep you as you are. It fears its demise.

In the second situation, yes there may have been a temporary uplift or shift in mood but here’s the important thing:

It was perceived and believed to be dependent on an external factor!

Take that factor away and what are you left with? You are at the mercy of external events you cannot control. This is the case with the majority of us on the planet. We rely on external circumstances for our happiness. Those external circumstances are transient. Result = suffering. Simple.

So how can this be changed? The insight above and the truth it points to provide a profound answer. It rests in presence. The presence being pointed to is that of the eternal source of your being:

Infinite Silence.

This is your unchanging and true SELF. It relies on nothing. It is eternal, formless, timeless. Truth.

When your attention is fully rested in true PRESENCE it will transform. It will bring you back home to YOU. YOUR TRUTH.

When you are in this place you automatically see that everyone has that same presence within them.

You ‘see it’, ‘feel it’ and ‘are it.’ There is no doubt in you.

Then you are truly a:

Mirror to TRUTH.

So how do you stop yourself being triggered or reliant on external circumstances in the first place? By bringing awareness, presence to every situation in life. By stopping, pausing before reacting and using the gift I share in the blog:


It doesn’t matter what it is, all of the pain, suffering, emotional turmoil and more ultimately is rooted in FEAR. That fear comes from the false ideas that you are separate from everything else and you believe that you are considerably less than the totality of your truth.

That is how! It is, as the insight above points to, incredibly simple.

You don’t have to believe me on this. Open to your truth and it will become your experience.

Then you can be a:

Mirror to Truth.

You can also watch the recording of Live Stream 20 (video below 1h 52 minutes) which explores the insights in this post in depth, including forgiveness and also includes a guided experience.

Blessings in Infinite Silence,



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