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A friend from overseas recently said to me:

“Thank you for your post ‘Just be’ which I just read.

A question that I pondered about recently appeared:

How was/is it for you to be NOTHING, or NO THING that you have written about many times?’ You know I am an earthly person and would appreciate if you would give your own example of being NOTHING – if you don´t mind? I have experienced a major shift in Easter when I feel great freedom, gratitude and joy for life which is absolutely wonderful 🙂 but can not help but think about what being NOTHING would be.”

… and here is the response that emerged in the moment:

“Beautiful and what a great question which I’d like to share on the site as well as sharing here.

I’m so delighted to hear of your shift.

The question has emerged for you to ask now as it does with all of us when the timing is right.

The answer, in truth, goes beyond words and so any words used to describe this can at best only point to the experience. So care is needed to feel into the words and the vibration they offer to help in its understanding and then experiencing.

The True Understanding will come from the experience for as I’ve also said many times: Truth (as in Ultitmate Truth) is an experience not a belief. So it’s not a matter of believing what I say but allowing the experience to unfold in you.

First, it’s helpful to understand the ‘nature’ of NOTHING or NO THING.

We are so used to things that we don’t stop to consider the NO THING.

Things have limits, dimensions, properties or characteristics and live in the realm of time and thus have a useful but limited purpose. Look at any object and you will see this.

NOTHING or NO THING is, on the other hand, unlimited, infinite, timeless, formless.

To the mind this is impossible to comprehend fully, to the heart it makes perfect sense for that is a key connection to that realm.

As the experience of Infinite Silence revealed itself there was no sense of a body, no limits, infinite, no sense of time no sense of personhood, the peace that passeth all understanding and more coupled with a sense of a ‘dynamic’ that this ‘whatever it was’ sought to express itself somehow.

In that ‘space’ the words ‘Infinite Silence’ emerged and as the connection to the earthly experience re-emerged there was a profound realisation that this that had shown itself was our shared and innate truth. Infinite Silence, Source, Universe whatever words work for you.

It could be seen and felt that this body ‘I’ have was a gift from that Infinite space of Infinite Silence (No Thing) to experience itself. A body is needed as well as time for the perception of bodily experience to be had. Infinite Silence ‘creates’ this opportunity for itSELF and it does so in Infinite Variety.

In this body that you know as me. It is like everything is seen, witnessed and created by this Infinite Silence as a Silent Witness at all times. That includes the beautiful gift of the body and all its experiences as well as every experience seen in the world beyond the body. May be a bit like watching a movie. The greatest Movie or even virtual reality show in existence… where each one of us is the Hero in our own movie.

What was a person is still remembered but the joy of this deeper awareness runs infinitely deep.

Therein lies a huge gift from the Universe, Infinite Silence… the opportunity to REALise – that is make REAL the experience of itSELF in the body. The opportunity is for ALL of US not just some of US for we are ALL that. This is also seen with great clarity. No separation. Just Unity beyond even the concept of Unity.

It is also experienced as a profound KNOWING without what we call mind really knowing why it knows. It is the awareness that KNOWS.

It is joyful in a quiet and still way. It is profoundly peaceful. It is profoundly Trusting in its TRUTH.

It sees or feels no separation just Infinite Connection.

One sees the great gift of having this body that can experience all that this beautiful earth, physical universe and its creatures can offer and the awareness that you are truly one with it all, yet expressed in infinite variety.

It is non-personal yet has the gift of the individual body.

There is no attachment or dependence on ‘earthly things’ yet there is beautiful connection to ALL.

It is the freedom from attachment or identification with things that are limited which include the body as beautiful as it is which is the source of the JOY, PEACE, GRACE, LOVE.

The experience of this has deepened dramatically since the first awareness of Infinite Silence emerged and, as a result, a life that was already pretty peaceful has become a gift beyond words together with an even deeper calling to share this with others who wish experience their innate truth.

One sees more clearly as if for the first time.

As I say above I am so delighted to hear of your shift and know that this can and will deepen. It’s a matter of you allowing that to unfold perfectly trusting the innate truth that lies within us all.

I trust that helps for now.

I’d like to put your question and this response on the site.”

To which my friend said:

“Thank you my dear friend for your excellent answer about something that can hardly be explained by words. By reading your words that echo in my heart tears rise in my eyes and I feel a greatfulness beyond words <3.”

Quote: “One sees the great gift of having this body that can experience all that this beautiful earth, physical universe and its creatures can offer and the awareness that you are truly one with it all, yet expressed in infinite variety.”

“So it is. Thank you <3

Blessings dear Philip <3”

There is a calling now to add these words for readers of this.

In many way what is shared here is like: “The Book of the Universe!”

It is an endless book, it is timeless, it cannot really be expressed in words but only pointed at. Like a signpost.

Yet it does choose to express itself and what we call you and me dear friends are ALL that. Infinite Silence expressed.

There’s a sense that this specific piece on ‘Being Nothing’ will be added to on this site. So watch this space to hear that Infinite Silence which is YOU also say more.

It is Absolute Consciousness talking to Absolute Consciousness about Absolute Consciousness. Listen beyond the mere words.

The music is beautiful beyond words.

Blessings in Infinite Silence,


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