Between two Worlds

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You are between two Worlds!

The first is YOUR HOME. The second is YOUR PLAYGROUND.

They are not separate from one another. The first is the absolute home, truth or as I refer to it Infinite Silence. The second is akin to a projection from the first. It is created from the first and ALL it’s power comes from that.

When truly resting in the Infinite Silence, the first World, you see that the second is simply the play of consciousness.

It is the play of consciousness identifying with imaginings of itself rather like this: “I wonder what it would be like to…” and there it is created out of nothing, that is, NO THING for you to experience and play with. (See: A case of mistaken identity.)

Suffering comes when identification with the second world which has simply been imagined is so strong that you forget that YOUR truth lies in the first and only true world. Infinite Silence.

When Infinite Silence is ‘touched’ or ‘remembered’ it can seem like you are between two worlds and possibly even a sense of wanting the game to be over to melt into oblivion. (See: The first thing that I remember.)

This is natural. You’ve been involved in the PLAY for a long time. Yet from the perspective of the absolute it’s been no time at ALL! It ALL occurred in front of it instantaneously and melted back into it in the same instant! (See: We are children of the Ocean!)

YOU are ‘doing’ this ALL the time. YOU can release yourself from the suffering element by REAL_ising your truth. Embodying it. Enjoying it.

Not just by physical death of the body but by the death of the identification with the temporal projection of the second world. (See: A matter of Life and Death.)

It’s rather like the the Holodeck on Star Trek. It seems so real to the participants but is all a beautiful projection. The play of consciousness which seeks to experience itself fully. Totally. Without limit.

The Beautiful Game.

No, not football (soccer for American readers). No, The Game of Life. Being Life. Experiencing Life.

As they say at the Olympics:

Let the Games begin.

You can be the spectator in the Infinite Silence and the Olympic Gold Medalist at once!

How beautiful is that?

Silence. Infinite Silence is Golden.

Blessings and Joy to ALL,



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