Beyond Belief – The Realisation of Truth

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Beyond Belief – The Realisation of Truth

This episode was originally a Facebook Live. The first 30 minutes covers profound insights around belief and the final 20 minutes includes the Infinite Silence Meditation and final insights.

Belief is something that we all become conditioned into unconsciously at an early age. It’s effects can be both limiting and devastating when taken to an extreme. Philip shares insights which began with a childhood awareness experiment and he later saw a real life and living example confirming his insights. Self Realisation invites us to leave our limiting beliefs behind and move to the essence that is: Beyond Belief! The Harp Music played at various points is called Seeking by Philip’s Friend Tara Cook.

To experience the Infinite Silence Self Realisation Meditation please see Episodes 19 – 25 inclusive. This is a series of seven with durations from 0.25 fully guided to 1.5 hours with increasing amounts of silence.

For more free Self Realisation Resources visit Philip’s Website.

Monthly Episodes, Next Friday 3rd November 2023, released at 4pm but usually takes until about 5pm to find its way to the various outlets.





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