Beyond Belief

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You are Beyond Belief!


I mean it. Though I mean it in a more profound way than this phrase is most commonly used.

Belief as currently understood by most people is actually something that is external to you. When you are asked to believe it is always in something you have not directly experienced.

In english however that is not the root of the word belief. It actually comes from two words in old english and with the person as the object.

Be Loef

Where Loef is the old english word for Love.

So when Be Loef was originally used it meant what it says on the tin:


You are that!

You are LOVE experiencing itself in the physical.

There is no need or room for belief as we currently use it. It is a simple matter of realising what you are!

In this way you are: Beyond Belief!

Only your mind gets in the way of you realising your true-self.

Mind requires belief. YOU are beyond that.

So you will never get to realising your Self, your true Self through your mind.

It is beyond mind. It is heart.

When you ‘see’ through your heart you know that you don’t need belief for you feel it and experience it. It feels:


That which is without limit is YOU. Since it has no limits, it does not require belief for it is ALL THAT IS and NO THING in particular all at once.

Beyond Belief!

Blessings from the Infinite Silence,



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  • Ray

    Hi Philip
    Nice to see your doing well. I miss all the people from Aisha’s blog the pond.
    Keep up the good work Philip loving to live,learn and teach others to do the same with love.
    Everyone has a good side that needs to shine to help others do the same.

    I truly love all the people who shared some of their life at the pond.
    I know you will do well Philip in what ever you do.
    Love always Ray

    • Philip Wade

      What a delight to hear from you Ray! All is indeed well with Sue and I. I trust it is with your family.

      The Pond was and is a special place and there are so many sacred souls who visited.

      The sharing hear brings much joy to me and those who touch it.

      Blessings and much joy from the Infinite Silence.

      Philip 🙂 <3

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