Beyond coping strategies

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Beyond Coping Strategies

Yes it’s entirely within your gift to realise the unshakeable peace within.

– You’re actually its very source
– It’s eternal
– All are that, no exceptions
– You came here for that
– You’re a unique expression of it

… and so much more…

Strategies, tools and healing techniques are not wrong, indeed for someone in deep distress they can be essential, life-saving to bring one to a point of relative stability. In this way they are part of greater scheme of life in which the tools and experiences appear when we are ready.

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Yet, they can become a spiritual trap, a crutch that relied upon in itself becomes a form of suffering. For example: “I couldn’t survive without ‘x’ technique.’ Again it’s not a right or a wrong thing it’s about awareness. Nor is this saying, for instance, medical assistance isn’t necessary, it clearly is profoundly beneficial and life-supporting in many ways.

Yet to truly realise the source of peace within one has to be prepared to let go of everything you think you know about life and realise what it truly is.

For clarity that isn’t about living as an ascetic without possessions, relationships and host of other things as it sometimes misinterpreted.

So what is it about?

It’s about realising that you are, in truth, life itself. Eternal.

This body-mind experience is the car that is being driven by a power beyond and before it. This is what the Buddha realised, many others since and you can too.

It’s not some myth, unattainable goal or belief system. It’s that which your essence already is and always has been. It’s simply been forgotten and masked by the belief the ‘car’ is that which you are. A serious case of mistaken identity.

So ‘how to’?

Meditation is the bridge the way and the answer. Not visualisation, not techniques, mantras, affirmations though all can be helpful to a point.

The essence of Meditation is this: Awareness – it’s synonymous with Silence, actually Infinite Silence. It’s here always.

It is a witnessing presence that’s not personal and the truth is you are it. The rest is an appearance on the green-screen of consciousness. Yes just like in the movies, except this green screen is multi-faceted, multi-dimensional and unlimited.

Things may look pretty solid in this world yet science has yet to discover solid matter. It’s all just energy transforming from one state to another.

Physics states, energy can neither be created nor destroyed only transformed – in a closed system. The closed system is the entire Universe in this case.

If you think you aren’t this Awareness that is spoken of what is it that is aware of that thought/belief?

If you are not sure if you are this Awareness, what is it that is aware of that thought/belief.

If this feels totally resonant within, what is it that is aware of that knowing?

In every case the answer is unchanging Awareness, Infinite Silence/Consciousness.

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