Boxed In or Sailing Free?

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From the moment you are birthed into this body you are being boxed in
Almost all of it without awareness of the consequences
For vast majority of people the process is something like this
You are labelled innocently enough at first
Girl, Boy, human
When YOU, in truth, are beyond these labels
You are a ‘Spiritual being having a Human experience’
As you grow the labels and conditioning and Boxing In comes thick and fast
You are good, bad, brave, faint of heart, shy
You are a follower of this faith or that – religious, political even sports teams
You are a nationality
You are your hair, job, family role
More and more labels, identifications and attachments come
You start to believe them and strengthen the conditioning
Others reinforce them
Emotional, Spiritual and even physical trauma follow
Fights are fought over ‘positions’
Wars are started
History repeats itself
Then the question emerges from the silent space within
Surely there is more than this?
Remember me your heart and soul speaks
Come and commune with me
You knew I was there as a child, indeed all along, but you have simply forgotten
I love YOU, I am YOU
If you listen YOUR TRUTH starts to speak with YOU
It encourages you to let go of that which no longer serves you
All the conditioning and limitations
The process can be challenging because of the attachment to the labels
But following your heart, trusting it you can start to Let Go and Let Love
Outer conditions may remain the same
Glimpses of the inner peace emerge
They are signposts for you to go further
Messages that there is more to this
Keep going
Keep trusting your heart
Learn its language
Reprogramme Yourself
Download LOVE and GRACE
They delete all the false programmes
They melt away all the limitations
YOU start to ‘See’ clearly
Through the fog at first
Then moments of true clarity
The Great Cleaning has begun
It never lies
It will teach you to be YOU
To Sail Free in the Ocean of Pure Consciousness
That you are this Ocean
YOU are the sailor
YOU are the Ship
YOU can Sail Free!

Why not have a listen to Rod Stewart’s classic Sailing. Gave me goosebumps in the context of this Divine Droplet!

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