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In July a sudden wave of inspiration called me to write this article for a fictional publication about the Ascension Process. It is for YOU!

Thousands upon thousands and probably millions of people around the world have been quietly shifting their consciousness from fear to love and joy for years now.

The journey has been challenging for many of them but the long-term benefits in their lives are huge. Better still as they have ‘shifted’ there’s a knock on effect around the planet that benefits everyone.

Still vehemently denied by main stream science and religion too the effects are becoming plain to see. Speaking to those quietly involved in the process they report improved sense of well-being, inexplicable feelings of joy, compassion and love for all of life. They often say and increasingly experience feelings of unity and oneness and lack of separation from other people around the planet.

“…they report improved sense of well-being, inexplicable feelings of joy, compassion and love for all of life.”


Many of them report having received their very own profound spiritual insights that not only benefit themselves, but that they are actively sharing with friends, families online communities and more. There’s been a proliferation of blogs, Facebook pages and other forms of communities all eager to share in this wave of personal growth.

Those involved may have felt isolated for some years in their journeys to date but the evidence is clearly pointing to more and more connections and linkages being made between people from all over of the world partly thanks to modern communications, but also due  to the spiritual gifts bestowed on these truly committed people.

Many have felt called to their very own spiritual journeys to the mountains, lakes, writing books, creating websites and more to help spread the word. A huge number do this just for the love and joy it brings in sharing in this amazing journey.

Aisha North the principal instigator of one such group called lovingly by its participants around the planet ‘The Pond’ has just returned from a nearly three week trek to the Home of the Giants in Norway with her sister. They have had a wonderful time and feel like they are different people ‘The Pond’ has been there all the time to support them in this journey.

We spoke to Philip Wade (a Ponder) who himself reported that he was astounded to have been blessed with insights and gifts he felt guided to call Spheres Of Light and Infinite Silence to share with the world. He reports that to the best of his awareness these have reached all the continents of the world and he regularly hears of transformative experiences of people who have engaged in their incredibly simple yet profoundly powerful effects.

Many other Ponders are doing their stuff not all of it is reported at The Pond but the effects are thought to be huge. Organisations such as the Global Coherence Initiative/Institute of Heartmath and others dedicate their time to researching the science behind what those involved refer to as the Ascension Process.

In our view the world is blessed to have these unsung heroes and heroines amongst us and we support their work wholeheartedly.

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