Call off the search

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Call off the search
The answer or truth is not outside of you
It is YOU
It rests in the Silence
Infinite Silence
It’s a matter of realising that
How can you be separate from your essence
Only the ego could invent such an idea
“You’re having a laugh!” heart says to ego
Ego says: “I’m protecting you.”
Heart says: “From your demise!”
Ego becomes fearful
It’s not real
It may be felt
You though are the silent witness that ‘sees’ it
Look straight at it without judgement
It melts in the light of you Infinite Silence
It merges back into the infinite ocean that is you
Your Truth
Look within
You will see you are not without
You will see
As if for the first time
YOU are Nothing
Yet ALL of it!
In this place there is no inside
No outside
Just YOU
Infinite Silence
Call off the search
Embrace your innate truth
Enjoy the space
You are LIFE lived
Dance with the music of LIFE
Dance with the stars
Spheres Of Light
JOY expressed
Amazing Grace
Infinite Space

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