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Some years ago just before an evening talk and experience I was due to deliver my wife asked me “why are you doing this?”

What a great question I realised.

It made me pause and look within. Within moments this response leapt out:

It’s bursting out of me.

It was so resonant and true. That’s what it felt and feels like.

The question emerges again from time to time within me and occasionally at event. Most recently event wise was at the St Annes Event which was a live recording and you can see the whole of that 2 hour event here including my response to that question.

Listening to and responding from the Silence has since its realisation been a constant presence. There is a silent space and it is beautiful to be empty and see what emerges. There’s a sense of not choosing to assume anything about the way the Silence seeks to express itSELF through the form of this body.

It can be easy to think something is a good idea though experience has shown that is beautiful and much more effective to listen and see what emerges next. It can often be surprising. An example that I often share of this was not one but two unexpected visits to Iceland. Not a place on a bucket list I didn’t even have. Yet, it proved to be a most beautiful and joyous experiences involving the sharing of Infinite Silence.

Reflecting deeply in meditation once again recently on what it is that is seeking to be expressed in this form and why, these words emerged. It is a:

Compelling Compassion.

The title of this insight.

The energy of it spoke volumes and herein is something of an expansion on that.

It is an inner inspiration that is outwardly expressed and made manifest.

The etymological root of the word compelling comes from Latin: com meaning together and peliere meaning drive.

Compassion is also from Latin: compati meaning to suffer with and in more recent expression a sympathy with the suffering. Notice also it has the ‘com’ part of the the word from compelling and compassion so again a reference with ‘together with’. There is even more in the etymology but we’ll leave it there for now.

The Buddha is frequently quoted as saying life is suffering. This is a direct reference to the identification, attachment and crucially belief in the meanderings of ego mind as the only reality. With this suffering is inevitable.

The liberation from this suffering which is what this site is all about is a shift in consciousness that comes about from a fundamental change in this identification, attachment and belief. Indeed, it is the total release of belief in things that are impermanent and that includes ego mind to the remembering or, more accurately, Realisation of the permanent truth of who we are.

Once this is experienced it is never forgotten.

The Compelling Compassion is a natural expression of the full and experiential anchoring of Self Realisation. 

For the truth is now experiential and from this essence of the deepest knowing the suffering manifest in the world is seen and seen for what it is. Just as importantly, the opportunity and divine invitation back to the Silence is seen to be within all and as all. That this Realised SELF is, in truth, present NOW for all to experience.

The experience of the identified life in the form as suffering, Self Realisation and the invitation it creates are what bring about the ‘Compelling Compassion’. The togetherness of both the Silence and humanity and its innate oneness. It is indeed a ‘Compelling’ and inspiring vision of what is truly possible.

Life’s Greatest and Simplest Gift.

Greatest because it is Infinite. Hence the name Infinite Silence. Simplest because all of us are already this. It is only a matter of being open to the experiential Realisation of it.

This then is the drive. The power behind the invitation of the Silence that is embodied in one whom the Realisation has anchored.

This is a gift from Life unto Life for we are ALL this Life and the knowing of this is unequivocal.

The Compelling Compassion is simply then both an invitation and offering that is emerging from the Silence for the suffering that can be seen in plain sight yet the knowing of the opportunity for Realisation is ever present.

There is the inner peace of the unequivocal knowing that remains untouched irrespective of the circumstances. This presence, this stillness creates its own invitation to truth in others. It is intrinsically connected to that same presence everywhere for, in truth there are no others. All is one.

The depth of the compassion is unlimited yet there is also acceptance of what is.

An acceptance of the choice that any one individual may make about how they choose to experience life.

This freedom of the inner choice can never be violated. For that which is of the highest truth isn’t something that can be thrust upon someone it simply is already there. Neither is it something to be gained. It can only be realised by the deepest inner acceptance of it.

It is indeed Compelling to be able to embrace that inner invitation and for it to be shared through the uniqueness of an apparent facet of the diamond. The Compassion is of a togetherness with all the other expressions of the absolute a moving together in this mystical experience we call life. It isn’t about a denial of the myriad expressions but a total embracing of it. At the same time, a total knowing that the beyond words beauty of the Infinite is ever present.

Now that is a Compelling Compassion.

That is the calling behind everything shared on this website, videos and more.

That the invitation to Realise one’s truth and live a fulfilling life in the physical are not mutually exclusive but actually a great opportunity. Where it is not the norm to live through fear and conditioning but natural to live through JOY.

Living from the heart is living in the mystery.

A Compelling Compassion. A living Grace.

It is not my invitation to you but your own invitation to yourSELF from YOUR SELF. There is no separation.

Do you feel the call home to your truth? This Compelling Compassion is in us all.

The choice is yours!

Blessings in Infinite Silence,


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