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  • "Life changing" doesn't go far enough… the adjective that keeps surfacing re IS [Infinite Silence] is: Profound. Profound in the simplicity of the access--so easy, so effortless; profound in the Expansiveness of the experience. And the Profound Gentle Kindness of the "facilitator":

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    Lin V, Los Angeles, USA
  • I walked into your event and for sure skipped out of it all the better for having listened to your words of truth and wisdom. What stood out for me was you encouraging others not to believe you ~ to experience truth ourselves. I Know from intimate experience with my higher self, from journeying deep within the core of silence, that it is for sure the way to energize, grow and reach ones potential. It was for sure confirmation for me of the truth I awakened to several years ago. I found it truly refreshing to hear a language that resonates deeply within me.    

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    Ruth Zand
  • "Huge thanks for your help before! It caused a shift in me that was much needed also. I don't know anyone who is more imbued with light than you! Bless you. Simon"

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    Simon Whitehead

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