Death of a Salesman

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“Death of a Salesman”
That was a message emerging from the Infinite Silence
Not a physical death
No, the death of the ego
The ego is the greatest salesman or woman on the planet!
It has made more sales than any corporate giant
At vast cost
It was once said of a good salesperson “they could sell sand to the Arabs or Ice to the Eskimos!”
The ego is like that
It will sell you stuff you don’t need all the time
Without a moments hesitation
It loves deviation and repetition!
Of the same mistakes
It ‘believes’ it is keeping you safe
Safe from what?
Its death
The end of egoic personhood
The realisation of Presence
Life IS Death
But this ‘death’ is beautiful and loving
It gives birth
It is within YOU
Waiting patiently
For you to be STILL
It has nothing to sell to YOU
YOU already are that which you seek
What YOU are is truly priceless!
Without a price
No marketing required
No sales pitch
The Whole Truth
and Nothing but the TRUTH
That IS YOU!

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