Dec 2014 – early 2015 Workshops

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Spheres Of Light and Infinite Silence are a Gift to Humanity

Profoundly simple

Power beyond words

Transforming lives

Gifted with the Insight in August 2011 I am guided to share this freely with the world.

Are you interested in  Spiritual Transformation?

elevating your consciousness

alining with your innate joy

being part of the change

Then these events are for you!

Event details below and to register follow the links.

Donations to cover costs are greatly appreciated to support the continued sharing of these gifts with the world in a radically open way.

An Epiphany – Simon Whitehead, Lancashire, UK


Four Inspirational, Insightful and Informative Workshops:

December 21 Spheres Of Light & Infinite Silence (SOLIS) Workshop – The Sanctuary of Healing, Langho, Near Blackburn, Lancashire

This is a one day Immersion and Transformation experience. It includes: deepening the experience of SOL, introduces Infinite Silence (the new way) and inspiration for integrating SOL/IS as a way of life & being a SOL/IS emissary

This day is for those feeling more inspiration, guidance and deepening will be helpful in accelerating their spiritual growth. In itself it can be a transformative experience.

Note it is very important to have attended the Spheres Of Light Experiential prior to attending this event to benefit fully from this day.

January 10, 2015 Spheres Of Light Experiential (SOLE) Workshop – The Sanctuary of Healing, Langho, Near Blackburn, Lancashire

The best workshop ever – Clare Eastham, Lancashire, UK

Dec 2014 - early 2015 Workshops Gateway Location

Early Notice for two workshops:

Feb/Mar 2015 (postponed to another date to allow other things to unfold!) Spheres Of Light Experiential (SOLE) Workshop – Venue (TBC) in Glastonbury, England

4th – 14th May 2015  Spheres Of Light – Infinite Silence – Meditative Journeys on Crete – The Centre for Life & Creation, Akrimios, Crete, Greece.

Are you looking for a workshop near you? Then you can consider hosting an event. If you can provide: a suitable venue (cost met by your group) – ideally light/spacious, enough attendees and donations sufficient to cover my costs to you then I will consider that option.

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