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The highest dignity is realised in embracing your truth
Dignity in it’s etymological root is: privilege, honour, worthiness, proper, fitting and to accept
You are worthy beyond even the concept of worth!
So honoured and privileged are you
Yet you do not realise it
Real-ise to make real
Your light is hidden under the bushel of what you call your mind
Your mind is not real though
It has been built up through conditioning
Mental, emotional, physical
To something so far from your truth
You cannot see it
Yet it is there
Open your eyes
Look in to the skies
And see!
The inner skies
Behind the thoughts
Behind the beliefs
Therein lies Truth
All else is impermanent
There’s nothing you have to do
There is enough
You can trust your true self on this totally
The pure radiance pierces the clouds of mind
A glorious sun star is revealed
This star of the heavens is you expressed
A star of light
So bright
An Infinite Sphere Of Light
Emerging from the Infinite Silence that is YOU
Privileged beyond the concept of privileged
The highest Dignity
Truth, YOU!
That TRUTH ship called Dignity*
YOU are the ship and the ocean all in ONE!

*Do you remember the Deacon Blue song called Dignity! Takes on a deeper meaning now!

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