Do you have time for TRUTH?

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This is Part 1 of a 3 Part Series Offering Powerful Awareness in service of Self Realisation. The Link to Part 2 is at the bottom of this Part. The Link to Part 3 at the bottom of Part 2.

Do you have time for TRUTH?

Your ultimate TRUTH?

People often say at a Gathering in Grace with Infinite Silence that they can connect with themselves more and embrace the shared energy of the group but find it harder at home. It is one of the most frequent comments I hear.

Often, in the same theme, a question is asked about how do I continue this, how can I keep this feeling?

Now, there’s no doubt the group experience of a Gathering in Grace in Infinite Silence is a JOY to behold. After a couple of days of being immersed in the Grace of Infinite Silence, Spiritual Inquiry and Infinite Touch (a blessing from the Silence) people often stay stood in the closing circle not wishing to move. There’s an acknowledgement of their shared essence that is palpably felt.

The fact is though that life continues to move and unfold and soon everyone steps back into their ‘normal life’. It doesn’t have to be this way.

YOUR life can be natural and graceful if you have time for TRUTH. YOUR TRUTH.

Most people live busy lives. Very busy. There’s always something to do. Some task, some activity, some busy-ness.

I’ve been there at one time working 60-70 hours a week travelling the country at home at most 4 nights in seven and weekends were filled with catching up with essentials. About 25 years of of this was on my own even though I had a long distance relationship. In essence, I did everything.

It was on a skiing holiday back in 2000 that a dawning realisation came that something had to change. I was dreaming about work even though I was thousands of miles away from it and doing an activity I really enjoyed.

That was it. Time for change.

The first thing when I got home that spoke to me was “The Little Book of Calm” it was and is a little gem of reminders of inner calm. Then I found “Calm for Life” and it explained meditation in a simple way I had not come across before and that was that…

I committed despite the stupendous working week and ultra-full schedule to meditation. At least half an hour a day and the meditation continued that way for well over 10 years.

My view was that if I am going to meditate I may as well do it properly and commit to it.

The effects were remarkably quick even though I was generally a calm and easy to interact with individual things settled down inside quickly and just deepened and deepened with time. This was despite several more major promotions at work, more travel and business decisions worth many millions an every day norm for me.

I knew nothing in those early days of Self Realisation or Enlightenment in other words but direct experience showed me the benefits inside and I chose more and more of this. It would lead to huge changes that I could not have foreseen.

Now I know with deep clarity it was my TRUTH calling me HOME and I followed and kept on following, no matter what it took, no matter what change was called for and there were some very big ones that felt incredibly tough at the time.

I walked away from a very long-standing relationship that no longer served my highest truth even though I loved that person eternally, the brilliant career was left behind and much more.

The thing that stood out most for me was that line from Shakespeare:

To thine own SELF be true.

Little did I know then consciously how big this SELF was and IS.

This absolute commitment to the inner urge of the heart was and IS central to the Realisation coupled with the acceptance that actually it was and IS already the natural essence of me of us ALL.

All the suffering and there had been plenty was left behind and now feels like it was never real and some kind of dream. The commitment was and IS worth it.

YOUR TRUTH IS worth it too. ALL of it.

YOU know this already within. Will you give time for TRUTH?

Do you choose to continue to suffer?

Or do you choose to embrace the calling home?

These may seem like stark terms and that IS deliberate. You suffer by not following the calling of your heart, the calling home.

The reason peace is not a constant presence is because of this. Choosing head not heart.

Do you have time for TRUTH?

What is that stops you?

Activity. Lots of it. Activity comes from believing in what head has to say. Keeping yourself busy. No time for stillness. Always time for activity, the demands of others and so on.

Make time for you TRUTH the number one priority and watch your world change for the better. Your experience of life change for the better.

Vote for truth not more suffering.

There’s an old saying I’m not sure of its source that goes like this. If you have a busy day ahead allow half an hour for meditation if you have a really busy day allow an hour. I’ve heard variations that double those timings. The point is the same.

When you allow time and space for your truth you will find that truth comes to embrace you and invite you more deeply.

All those myriad things that you thought were important you will see more clearly. Actually, many of them probably aren’t and if a number are perhaps they are not so urgent, or there’s even a better way.

Learning to say NO to many distractions and even other people IS a big YES to YOU, to your TRUTH.

There is nothing more important in this LIFE than YOUR TRUTH. Nothing.

Nothing else comes even close.

For when your truth is embraced and realised all else falls into place. You see things in perspective for the first time. You see what is truly important.

Striving, straining, achieving will mean nothing to you.

Embracing, realising and grace will be YOU. Your living presence.

Self Realisation and living an ‘apparently normal’ life are not mutually exclusive.

It’s not about living in a cave in the Himalayas, throwing away all worldly things and so on.

It is about releasing the identification, attachment and belief in anything less than the absolute truth of who you really are.

Who you really are is beyond words, beyond space, beyond time, beyond concept, beyond belief and is not your body.

Your natural SELF is already SELF Realised. Time to embrace this.

Time for Truth.

Blessings as Infinite Silence,


You can start by taking some time for truth NOW with this 30 minute Infinite Silence ( i.e. YOUR truth) Experience Video then read the Emptying Out Insight link provided below.

You can also share any insights or ask questions by scrolling right to the bottom the page. Remember to tick the notify me box when my comment is approved so you know that it is live and look out for my reply!

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