Don’t believe a word I say

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Don’t believe a word I say!
Instead experience YOUR truth
Divine TRUTH
Is an experience not a belief!
Belief will get in the way of the experience
Because it comes from a false premise
That of the ego mind
Belief, in daily life, points to something outside of you
That you are asked to believe in
Even though you have not experienced it
Belief in the divine context really means BE LOVE
That’s what you are LOVE
So you cannot believe in it
YOU can only experience it
Any words used are only pointers to it
They are not IT in itself
“Words, at best, are an honest lie; Silence IS a naked verity*”
A fundamental TRUTH
So the words are simply at best signal carriers
Feel into the vibration they offer
Is there resonance?
The space between the words
Is at least as important as the signal carrier words
This is why some ‘speak to you deeply’
When you are tuned in from the heart
When you are tuned in from the head you’ll hear nothing
Listen NOW to the quiet voice within
It does not ask you to believe
It calls YOU to experience YOU
Truly Magnificent
Beyond Belief

* Paraphrased from: The Book of Mirdad by Mikhail Naimy

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