Effortless Truth, Effortless Grace

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Effortless Truth, Effortless Grace
The perfumes of Infinite Silence
They are within YOU
They are YOU
Waiting Silently
In Infinite Silence
Waiting to share their music
The music of the Spheres
Spheres Of Light
It is Effortless to Connect
No entry fee
No exams or qualifications required
Just a wide open heart
Effortless Truth and Effortless Grace are the true ET and E.G!
Truly extra-terrestrial
Not of this earth
But that which gives birth to it
The true example
The Whole Truth
And Nothing but the TRUTH
No effort is a challenge to the egoic mind
It wants you to strive
It wants to survive
Truth and Grace are Eternal
Here NOW
Relax with Open Heart to Infinite Silence
You’ll see
Truly SEE for the first time
Effortless Grace, Effortless Truth
Are YOU!

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