Emptying Out

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This is Part 2 of a 3 Part Series Offering Powerful Awareness in service of Self Realisation. The Link to Part 3 and Part 1 is at the bottom of this Part.

Emptying yourself out of ALL the opinions, lies and beliefs about about you especially your own is a deep embracing of your TRUE Self.

Once empty the ONE Fullness of TRUTH flowers as YOU.

This emptying out is a fundamental part of Self Realisation and the invitation for it will come naturally when embracing Time for Truth (see the insight: Do you have time for TRUTH?).

Meditation is a profoundly simple gift that anyone can embrace. Anyone.

It does not require years of learning. It does not require special skills. It is simply about a commitment to your TRUTH and is only a matter of where your attention is placed.

In the head or in the heart.

Most people have spent their live’s being conditioned into believing what is going on in their heads, that they are a body, a personality, an ego, a job and so on the list is almost endless.

Yet none these are even close to your truth.

This conditioning begins to some degree even from when you are in the womb for your parents also suffered that same conditioning. The process really accelerates from the moment you are born.

A significant proportion of it may be unintentional, certainly without higher awareness and it comes at you thick and fast from parents, siblings, teachers, religion, society in general.

You are subject to wide range of opinions, lies and beliefs in almost every waking moment of every day. It would take a very awake soul to resist the barrage. So most of us have ended up carrying a whole host of things that are not true about us and we believe them.

This process perpetuates suffering. When the Buddha said Life is Suffering this is what he was talking about. A life which embraces the identification, attachment and belief in things that are so far from your truth it’s incredible.

People, in effect, become the living expression of all the opinions, lies and beliefs they have taken on board as true about them without necessarily realising it at the time what has happened. No matter where they have come from.

The effect of these is to make you feel unworthy inside, small, inadequate and hence the ego is created. It can manifest in anything from the despotic dictator to the shrinking violet and all shades in between in all directions.

Yes even the dictator feels unworthy inside. Their way of handling that is vastly different to the shrinking violet but they are both still ego expressed.

The belief in all of this as who you are is the cause of your suffering and, in turn, the suffering in the world. To one degree or another all bar the Self Realised Soul suffer.

Egos function on the idea of separation, duality consciousness and have to be right, have to better or sometimes worse than others, have fight or flight to protect their version of reality. They project that version out into the world which comes into conflict with other egos doing exactly the same thing. Suffering results, conflict occurs, relationships suffer personally, locally, nationally and internationally. Disputes of all sorts emerge and in many cases wars. All in service ego’s version of reality.

What a mess!

Step forward the invitation of the heart. The inner calling. The benefit of meditation.

ALL of this. ALL of it can be solved with this ONE simple innate gift. The invitation and ability to connect with the very essence of truth within ALL.

ALL without exception.

Some people have said to me they can’t meditate. This is a myth they have believed into existence and thus create the experience of it being difficult.

Ego relies fundamentally on a set of beliefs.

This is why they have to go. All of them. This is why the emptying out is fundamental.

Beliefs, identification and attachment to less than the absolute truth of you all come in the same package. Drop the beliefs and the other parts will go with that.

So often the first one that has to go is: “I can’t meditate.” Utter nonsense.

Actually, you were and are a born meditator. Your natural Self is already Realised and in the embracing of this your life IS a living meditation.

This is why embracing this particular belief is huge block.

It is true that the Self can be realised without lots or even apparently any meditation. However, it is more than likely the suffering that will have gone before that will have been huge and it got to the point where there was a sudden and total surrender. This has happened and will no doubt continue to happen

It doesn’t have to be this difficult.

Embracing the gift of meditation is going to make a huge difference. By making Time for Truth (see the insight: Do you have time for TRUTH?).

Its more than just a calming practice, a nice thing to do, if fully embraced its going to invite you to let go of all that you have been carrying around as NOT you. All the beliefs, lies and opinions in other words.

Now when they show their face you can embrace the invitation to let them go or you can continue to suffer.

It is as simple as that.

Truth is an experience not a belief.

It is a direct experience. It will not come from another. It will only come through you. As you.

Anything and everything that is not in service of your ultimate truth will have to go. Once again this is not about living in a Cave in the Himalayas with nothing. That may well be suited to some. It is, in truth, about releasing the beliefs, the attachment to them and the identification with them.

They make you small. They hold you back.

You are not small and your truth is inviting you HOME always.

The purpose of ALL spiritual practice is ultimately so you don’t have to. Practice that is. At being who you really are.

That is the subject of the next insight in this series.

Take some time for truth now and embrace the 30 minute Infinite Silence Guided Experience and you can also read the next insight in this series: The Practice-less Practice.

Blessings as Infinite Silence,


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