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I guess most people of heard of the tale of Archimedes Eureka moment when he discovered the principle that an object will displace a volume of water equal to its own. It’s a common tale taught in schools. It is said he discovered it as he lay in the bath and realised what was happening with the water level as his own body sank into the water.

It was one of those profound aha moments when he could see the answer to his problem was literally staring at him.

It is reported he shouted: “Eureka, Eureka.” “I’ve found it, I’ve found it.” It was part of the answer to an apparently previously intractable problem he was trying to solve to do with whether a crown had silver in it lieu of some of the gold.

What isn’t taught in the vast majority of schools is the most important Eureka moment anyone is capable of!

The Eureka moment of realising the SELF. Enlightenment.

For many the possibility isn’t in their daily consciousness, for some it is the subject of a deep spiritual search taking years of their life.

This most profound of Eureka moments is a bit like the image of the proverbial needle in a Haystack with needle in this case being blindingly obvious.

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You are already that which you seek! 

Infinite Silence IS your highest truth.

There’s nothing you can do about it. There’s nothing you have to do!

This is the true meaning of Silence is Golden. It is eternal.

To realise your SELF experientially there has to be total openness to the profound inner urge and calling of the heart /soul to realise itself in the body.

This is not a doing. It’s not a future goal for you are already it. It is the realisation and total acceptance it is here NOW. Letting go of everything you thought, believed or identified with.

This way you realise you are no-thing, yet Infinite Silence.

You are already that which you seek!

When this is allowed totally then will be your realisation. It’s been staring at you as YOU.

Eureka! Eureka!


Blessings in Infinite Silence that YOU are,



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