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Everlasting Love!

It’s what you have been searching for right?!

Of course, even if you say you haven’t you have. That’s just a denial of something innate.

If you’ve been looking outside of yourself, a partner, family, friends, material things you won’t find it there. Ever.

How can this be so? Mind may say but I do love my partner, family, friends in this way. Herein lies a simple but huge misunderstanding that blocks you from the realisation of everlasting love.

The misunderstanding is this. The instant you place that love outside of yourself in another or in things you have made them separate from you and thus denied the experience. You have colluded with the illusion of separation of which ego is a primary function.

You are in that same moment relying on the experience of love from a perceived external source.

In truth, there is no external source! There is only YOU. TRUE YOU.

What you perceive as separate is not separate. It is all you made manifest in infinite variety so that you can have the experience of yourself in the physical.

Most importantly you are here realise the true nature of that SELF in this body vehicle.

This is the core of the matter.

For YOU, in your innate essence are the source of everlasting love. It is the fragrance of YOU!

It’s not intellectual understanding or agreement with this that gets you there. That also is a block. You think you know it and you don’t. That creates a belief and here is another vital understanding.

Truth, as in divine truth, is an experience not a belief.

Truth, Love, Joy, Peace, Grace are all the same, the same fragrance emerging from your innate essence.

The true experience is beyond the thinking mind. It is, in fact, the highest form of trust. The highest form of TRUST is an innate or inner knowing that is beyond thought.

This inner knowing creates the experience of that LOVE and it is known to be eternal. There is no room for doubt in the Infinite. YOU are that Infinite Silence.

So you have to drop all of your beliefs about life and instead experience. I like to say it this way so you get the point:

Truth is unbelievable!

It can only be experienced. When it is experienced you will then know it is:


Blessings as Infinite Silence, the source of everlasting love, which is also you,



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