Oh so simple Part 2 of 2, Evolving Your Spiritual Power

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o, we’ve seen that ‘intention’ is an incredibly powerful tool. Is there anything else that can deepen our appreciation of this?

Yes, many things and the actual experience of the gift of Spheres Of Light is the most powerful one.

Being childlike in your trust helps. The adult mind though, always wants to know more.

Let’s look at a metaphor in our everyday world that we can relate to take this appreciation further.

In the west, at least, we’ve come from the world of being taught we have to ‘do a lot of stuff to make things happen.’ Practice this for days, weeks and years to get good at it.

We’ve all heard of an abacus. Invented several thousand years ago it was a tool used to do calculations. With a lot of practice and skill users could do calculations very quickly. To a novice it was probably a bit of a challenge.

Fast forward a few thousands years and things called Log tables and later the Slide Rule were invented to help speed up calculations.

You don’t have to be familiar with these to understand the message here.

Then followed something we’re all familiar with that made those tools look slow. The electronic calculator. Simple and intuitive to use. In fact child’s play.

As if that wasn’t fast enough most of us now have computers that are so powerful that they can perform a phenomenal number of operations and calculations that a calculator couldn’t achieve.

Now here’s the thing. Our spiritual power and understanding has evolved too.

Our consciousness has shifted. We stand on the shoulders of spiritual giants – too many to mention.

They knew all along it was really simple to connect with spiritual energies, but most of us were so asleep it was hard to hear the message. Or the message was drilled out of us when we were young and childlike.

Our ‘intention’ is powerful beyond our imagination. More than any computer.

The step to be taken is one of allowing ourselves to be childlike and trust our experience.

It’s rather like Neil Armstrong said as he laid foot on the moon:

One small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind…

Are you ready to take that step and be a co-creator of the leap…

This is your gift from the Universe. Embrace it, share it, be joyful with it and let the magic unfold.


I originally wrote and published this blog for the Spheres Of Light Website: 26 February, 2013

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