Facing and embracing the Celestial Music

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This is the second Part of a two-part insight. Part 1: The Emotional Roller Coaster link here or below on the button.

Facing and embracing the Celestial Music will lead you to the Realisation of Life’s Greatest gift. Self Realisation.

Now that is some music worth facing!

So, as we touched on in The Emotional Roller Coaster insight, energetic baggage will almost certainly emerge as you open into the flowering of your truth. It may feel like you are facing the music in the traditional sense of the phrase: that is, the consequences of your actions.

What is being pointed at here though is beyond all that, it is the Realisation of the Self. A gift that you already are!

Yes, you already are the Realised SELF. Something that ultimately you cannot not be.

So to the ego the revelation and realisation may well feel scary and that you are facing the music in the traditional sense but to the heart this will be it’s greatest JOY for it KNOWS.

Ego will want to fight or flight. Heart will gently encourage you to TRUST. Trust who? Your SELF. The only one you can truly TRUST for it is unchanging, permanent, perfect and eternal. Infinite Silence in other words.

The biggest and fundamental crutch of ego is your beliefs and these come in a package with identification and attachment to them. They come in many and varied forms and they ALL keep you small.

You see, TRUTH is an experience not a belief. A belief is something ‘outside of you’ something that you haven’t experienced and thus have to believe in. This is actually not possible with your truth, ultimate truth for it is Infinite and YOU are it. So herein lies the major block to Self Realisation.


You may not even realise how many of them you have, how many of them you rely on to hold up your version of reality. For the average person there will be many and some of them are likely to be unconscious.

So it could seem like there is a lot of work to do or it’s an impossible task. This is NOT so!

There’s no actual work and there is no goal to reach!

How so? Because as we have already covered. You are already that which you truly seek.

So now it becomes incredibly simple. Drop the beliefs, totally, utterly and completely. Surrender totally as it is sometimes phrased and the Realisation, Self Realisation IS yours. Beautiful.

Will you choose this? Why wouldn’t you?

Your heart calls you to it even NOW as you read this. Actually, this is why you are reading this! It’s more than just a nice read for a few minutes. It’s a divine invitation to you truth. It may look like it’s coming from me but actually it’s your heart speaking to you. Do you hear it? It may be soft and gentle in that quiet voice within.

It IS truly possible to Realise that SELF, here NOW. This instant.

This is no jest. It IS TRUTH.

In fact, you will only ever realise it NOW. For NOW is the only moment you ever experience. Past is a memory and future is a projection or prediction. Memory has poor vision and “prediction is difficult especially if it involves the future!”* (*A quote attributed to many people).

This is more than mere play with words. Absolutely, do not make Self Realisation into a goal. It will push it away from you.

Instead be wide open to trusting the calling within and make it the highest priority. That calling will ‘lead’ you to realise that which you truly are.

More often than not the flowering will unfold in apparent stages or steps. Baggage from that emotional roller coaster is likely to emerge. So with our new found or more accurately remembered awarenesses we are now in a much better place to face and embrace the Celestial Music!

Truth which is the Self Realisation is inviting you always to let go of the crutches of ego. Knock them away. Let them go.

Since ego has been hanging on for dear life to these and adding more and more of them in, may be dropping some and adding new ones and generally doing everything it can to shore you up, small you. It’s not ready to give up the ghost so easily. It will fight and flight to keep it’s perception of you safe. Safe from its dissolution.

The question emerges for ego “But who will I be if I let all these beliefs, these identifications and attachments go?” Who will I be if I am not my thoughts, my feelings, emotions? Yes they play a part too for to have a belief you have to have thought first and then believe in it and then the emotional charge comes with that.

Answer: Nothing. You will be Infinite Silence.

This it fears. Like that Marianne Willamson quote: “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us.”

Who is the one frightened here? Ego! It’s days are numbered.

There is nothing more powerful than your truth and you are it.

So now face and embrace the Celestial Music with trust, with inner knowingness that you are already it. When the baggage of ego shows its face allow it to be present, feel it, do NOT run away from it, watch it but do NOT become it. Witness it in other words trusting only in the Infinite Silence that you are.

A miracle will happen.

The Infinite Grace and Power of Infinite Silence will transform the emotional trauma before your very eyes. You will be able to feel it taking place in your body. The shift in energies from FEAR to LOVE. It may go through various phases and waves. All that is necessary is trust. For all this energy will pass and a space and grace will emerge. You will feel lighter, brighter and more in tune with your Self.

It does not require any analysis, any thought just trust.

Thought cannot heal your pain; Presence will transform it.

This Presence is Infinite Silence and you are it.

If some insight is useful to you in the process it will come. Your heart already knows what is right and perfect for you. What you are ready to receive. What you are open to. Let it guide you. ALL the way.

You will eventually realise you were already there. You just believed you weren’t!

In this way, the emotional baggage, the emotional roller coaster will be brought under the power and influence of Infinite Silence because NOW your trust is in the one true essence. The peaks and troughs will gradually settle, become steadier and brought to a stop. There will be Silence. Infinite Silence and YOU will realise you are it.

You are invited to use the 30 minute Infinite Silence Experience Video below. It will take you into the Silence, The Celestial Music. Use this daily and it will transform you back into you!

Time to face and embrace the Celestial Music!

Blessings as Infinite Silence,


If you want to get right to it and release that baggage then Live Stream 11 (1h 20m) below is all the resource you need. All our baggage is ultimately rooted in fear. In the stream I explain in depth the way to use the Power of Your Infinite Awareness and include a Guided Experience of just that. All free. The 30 minute guided Infinite Silence Experience Video is for you to use also for the same process. For comments and questions scroll right down below the recommended posts. You can also visit this dedicated page on the website to this: Transmuting Fear into Love

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