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Self Realisation Life’s Greatest and Simplest Gift


  • When you said 'Eternity' I felt God's Presence.

    Find Your SELF at The Monastery Gateway Location
    Christine Behan
  • Here is my truth: Philip is open to receiving Infinite Silence/God, so Infinite Silence/God gently resides fully, consciously within him.

    Find Your SELF at The Monastery Gateway Location
  • I see Philip's incredible gifts and work here as being integrated into The Monastery's purpose.

    Find Your SELF at The Monastery Gateway Location
    Elaine Griffiths CEO Gorton Monastery
  • If you want to bring an end to suffering this is the real deal.

    Find Your SELF at The Monastery Gateway Location
    Mark Foster
  • Just wanted to say thank you again for all your work, your incredible insight and support over these last 6 months. It has been such an adventure! You're Awesome!

    Find Your SELF at The Monastery Gateway Location
    Dawn Griffiths
  • Thank you SO much you are such a gift to me and to this world Philip and I thank God the day I met you!!!! How lucky am I to have received all I have from you....... so so grateful!!!!

    Find Your SELF at The Monastery Gateway Location
    Ley Vickers

An Open Programme Planned for late 2018 and 2019

Gorton Monastery, 89 Gorton Lane, Manchester, M12 5WF

Find Your SELF at The Monastery Gateway Location


Sunday’s: 2018: October 14, November 11th; 2019: January 13th, February 10th, March 1oth, April 14th from 1130 – 1600 in the New Learning Space.

Donation: £30 per date, Funds to The Monastery (pay on the day) – no need to book in advance.
Special Note:
There are some financial assistance places available on a case by case basis e.g. low or no income. Please use the contact form on this website with your request and with The Monastery we will explore possibilities. Please note this will need to be done in advance of the day. Please treat this with respect it is not a discount programme but for genuine cases.

Special Note: On the 11th November Day we will integrate into the day as part of our meditations the Worldwide Meditation event 11:11 for which you can find out more on this website here.

Find Your SELF at The Monastery Gateway Location
Scan with a QR Code App to take you to the event on Facebook or simply click on the image. This is an easy way to invite friends and ask questions.

Programme Elements

Do you feel the call HOME to your highest truth?

Then this Programme is for YOU.

You are already that which you truly seek.

Will you accept the Invitation?

See the 10 minute video below for an introduction to the programme.

Find Your SELF at The Monastery Gateway Location
Find Your SELF at The Monastery Gateway Location
Find Your SELF at The Monastery Gateway Location

The Events will be core to The Monastery’s Programme.

Answering the question: Who am I? Your ultimate truth.

An end to suffering: With Powerful, Simple and Transformative Infinite Silence Meditation

Your highest purpose unveiled: Profound and Graceful Spiritual Truth

Your truth seen: Divine Blessing from Infinite Silence

Connection with like hearts: A Spiritual Community Support Group

Find Your SELF at The Monastery Gateway Location

The initial dates for the Programme are now available above, it will be a regular feature similar to The Earth School, Health and Well Being Days.

Funds from the programme will go to support The Monastery.

The events are be held on a suggested donation basis and is for those truly called and committed to their highest truth. The Programme will be Open to allow others to join.

You will gain most by:

Being totally open from your heart.

Being ready to question your limiting beliefs.

Actively engaging in the Gatherings sharing and asking your questions.

Committing to regular attendance.

Engaging in the spiritual community and participating in the Live Streams.

YOU can start right away!

It will be very helpful to watch these two videos below they set a context for the Open Programme:

The first on the Left is a 2 hour Live Recording of an event in St Annes to a mixed Audience some of whom have never meditated and the second, on the Right a 1.5 hour long Live Stream recording exploring and experiencing the Infinite Silence Meditation.

You are also very welcome to join the Live Streams taking place on Friday’s at 2000 UK time once every two weeks. Details on the Live Streams Page here.

Struggling with clearing issues? This page: Transmuting Fear into Love provides a simple yet infinitely powerful way of releasing that baggage you have been carrying around using the power of your awareness. Your awareness is powerful beyond measure, there are some simple steps set out and a guided Infinite Silence Meditation to help you here.

If you have any pre-existing medical or psychiatric conditions please read the terms and conditions on this site here.

Recorded event at St Annes; 2 hours

The Infinite Silence Meditation explored and experienced 1 h 27 mins

Are you looking for an event near you? Then this is possible. Click on the button opposite for the guide for Organisers.

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