Finders keepers; Losers weepers

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You’ve probably heard or used the phrase as a child! Certainly it was common in my upbringing.

For the international audience children often used it when they found something that had been left of lost and they were seeking to claim it as theirs now! Some would get upset by this as some child realised someone else had now claimed something of theirs.

In many ways you could say the vast majority of the world is playing this game claiming ownership of that which is really for the benefit of all.

This morning the phrase came to me for the first time in probably a few decades and it was in connection with clarifying our shared truth. Our True Self.

You see an increasing number of people may class or call themselves as spiritual seekers. Seekers of Truth.

The phrase sounds nice enough doesn’t it? However, beware!

Why beware?

Because, ultimate truth, you cannot seek!

You are already it!

You cannot look for it for where would you look? For most people that would be outside of themselves. Certainly most people on the planet look for fulfilment in the material world but in that mode they will never find the ultimate. It is not there.

It IS in that which you already are.

This by the way is not your body, your personality or any material thing. It is nothing at all. NOTHING. NO THING. Yet Infinite.

It IS Infinite Silence and YOU are that. This is not something to be believed. It can only be experienced or realised. Hence Self Realisation or Enlightenment.

Enlightened is your natural essence.

Such an astounding and profoundly simple truth. Yet its simplicity defies so many of us because we are so identified with and believe in that which we are not.

The Enlightened or Self Realised Soul knows and experiences they are that, there is no room for any doubt. Everyone else thinks and believes they are something else.

So simple. Truth is unbelievable! It can only be experienced. So to realise that essence you have to drop all your beliefs. All of them.

You have to call off the search. It cannot be found. It is already here. NOW.

Perhaps, you can’t accept that it could be that simple. Perhaps you think it has to be earned, worked hard at? Perhaps you think it is only for the special few?

All these are false thoughts and beliefs and will block the experience of it in you, through you as you.

So in embracing the idea of all these types of things and, indeed embracing thoughts and beliefs in smallness you will experience the second part of our starting phrase here:

“Losers, weepers.”

It will feel experientially that you have lost something, you are lost in your life, lost your way and you believe it to be so. At some point everyone will have these feelings. Often it can be drowned out or numbed by life in the fast-lane that most of the western world lives. It leads to all kinds of suffering. Personal, family, community, national and international.

This is what the Buddha was talking about when he said: “Life is suffering.” He was referring to the identified life of less than the truth of who you really are.

The most beautiful news once again is this:

YOU are already that which you seek!

This is the true Finders, keepers.

With it comes the realisation it was never lost. It didn’t have to be found or sought. It was already here.

It was and IS here for KEEPS. Eternally YOU.

YOU are not lost YOU are found.

Here NOW.

So be the KEEPER of truth. Embrace that and not only will you benefit the whole YOUniverse will.

So no more children’s or adults version of this of Finders, Keepers; Losers Weepers. Claiming something just for the benefit of the small self or ego.

Infinite Silence is that which you true nature. NOW. Everyone benefits from this truth!

Honour your true SELF now by opening into its beautiful and beyond words truth now. This 30 minute Infinite Silence Experience is here free for you to use   NOW.

Blessings as Infinite Silence,


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  • Debbie

    Love this twist on the old saying, and so true ‘we spend ( or waste ) so much time seeking the truth from outside ourselves – when all this time is was ( or IS ) inside us already.
    Profound – light bulb moment. Always Philip your wisdom is simple yet so powerful 🙂

    • Philip Wade

      Aha, glad to see you found this one Debbie and it was a profound – light bulb moment for you! 🙂

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