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This page provides a few images and simple notes for anyone needing help with the Forum Login and initial steps process. Up to Step 5 is necessary to get you into the Forum Fully. Beyond that is useful information about posting, replying etc which should be intuitive.

After using the Registration Link that has been provided to you which is not repeated here to help with security the following images and instructions below provide you with a step by step at what you will see at each stage and what to do!

Step 1: Once you have entered the Registration link into your browser you will be taken to this page: Image Below

  1. Fill in a simple username NO spaces.
  2. Choose a strong password
  3. Click I am not a Robot
  4. Click Remember me so you can login quickly next time
  5. Click Log In – next page you will see is in Step 2 below:
Forum Login Gateway Location

Step 2: After completing step 1 above you will see this page:

You have two options as to how to move on from here as per the instructions on the page:

1. Either by hovering your mouse/pointing device over the Member Login in the Purple Section top right to choose from the top down menu.

2. Using the Links: Community Forum this is the main one to use
Update your profile or Interact with others in the member directory

At this stage Click Community Forum to get you into the Community Quickly. You can update your personal profile later if you wish.

Forum Login Gateway Location

Step 3: If you have chosen community Forum you may be taken to the Self Realisation Community Page which looks like the image below. If so to get to the 28 Day Challenge Forum do the following

  1. Locate in the Orange/Gold section to the right hand side Home/Forums/Self Realisation Community
  2. Click on Forums and you will be taken to step 4 below.

Note: If this Page has NOT appeared you will already be at Step 4 so this step may NOT be required.

Forum Login Gateway Location

Step 4: To get straight into the forum Click on the title of the Forum!

Forum Login Gateway Location

Step 5: You will topics I have created and you can choose to enter any of them by clicking on them. First read the Welcome, Introduction and How to Use the Forum.

Forum Login Gateway Location

Step 6: Once you are at Step 5 it should be intuitive for you so these next few images are provided in case you are not sure. This one shows you what you will see once you have entered the welcome page.

Forum Login Gateway Location

Step 7: Replying to any existing post whether a main post or sub post. Locate the reply button and click and then enter you text and submit. It’s useful to also click the notification button to let you know if there are any replies to your post. It’s a personal choice.

Forum Login Gateway Location

Step 8: Making a new Post in an existing thread. Scroll to the bottom of the Page fill in the details and submit. You might want to click the notification button which will send you an email when anyone replies.

Forum Login Gateway Location

Step 9: Creating a completely new thread. You will do this from the Page in Step 5 above scroll down. Give your topic a title and enter your comments.

Forum Login Gateway Location
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