Freedom is Free

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Freedom is Free!

How could it be any different?

You cannot buy freedom, earn it, work for it or indeed anything else.

So what type of freedom is being referred to here? The only true freedom there is!

Inner Freedom.

As I shared in the message Power versus Force the profound insight from Viktor Frankl who relates his experiences and insights in the Concentration Camps:

Everything can be taken from a man but one thing: the last of human freedoms – to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one’s own way.

and I shared there that what Frankl was pointing to was this:

All the things that can be taken are temporal, impermanent of this world.

That which cannot be taken is infinite, eternal and universal. Simple, profound and Truth.

In this world of duality consciousness we have freedom fighters. Sometimes they bring about massive outer worldly change.

In Unity Consciousness however we ALLOW, EMBRACE and totally SURRENDER to the innate freedom that is within.

The Freedom that Frankl was talking about.

The outer circumstances in his case and many others were truly awful, yet he found a space a freedom that was beyond this and he reports that it helped profoundly those he was in contact with.

This freedom is free and cannot be taken.

One doesn’t have to go through Frankl’s experience to embrace it. One can embrace it now.

This freedom IS your inner nature. Everything you thought about yourself isn’t you at ALL.

Freedom IS YOU.

When this is realised, that is made real in your life. Miracles unfold.

I’m reminded of this message I first came across in the Conversation with God books:

When inner peace is attained, outer peace becomes possible at last.

So when the true inner is REAL-ISED, that IS made REAL the experience of the outer not only changes but transforms. Then the outer manifestation of your TRUTH unfolds beautifully.

So remember this and remember it deep within your heart.

Freedom is Free and it IS here NOW.



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