From Discipline to Blisscipline

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The purpose of all spiritual practice is so you don’t have to!

Don’t have to what? Practice at being who you are! You are already it.

Stepping into or allowing the realisation of your spiritual truth is like this.

We are already that which we seek but have become so conditioned out of that experience that, at first, it will take what feels like practice from the space of the mind or ego.

This practice could take many forms but central to it where your attention is rested. For most people that would be focussed on the busy-ness of the mental processes and external gratification. In spiritual practice, meditation being the classical example, it is ultimately about bringing you back to your very essence. The no-thingness, Infinite Silence as I refer to it on this site.

Many limit their understanding of meditation to sitting or lying down in a quiet space and trying to still the mind.

In truth though, when our true nature is realised, the whole of life in the body becomes a living meditation.

It is practice-less, effortless truth, effortless grace. Effortless Bliss. The true Blisscipline!

Hence the title of this post from Discipline to Blisscipline.

If you really are called wholeheartedly to your absolute truth which is here now then allowing an opening for it to be realised is crucial. Since the vast majority of us have been so conditioned out of this space then it’s very helpful to adopt your Blisscipline.

But beware your truth is not there at some future date. It is here NOW.

It is the combination of the deep listening to the inner calling and the openness to it that will allow it to emerge in this moment NOW. We only ever experience NOW. That’s all.

That IS where your truth IS here NOW. So making it a goal is not the answer.

The discipline part is ego or mind function. It will say you have to work at it. You do not.

You cannot work at that which you already are. You cannot be more complete and perfect than your absolute truth.

So yes, it is helpful indeed important to set aside space and time in your life for truth to emerge. This is NOT because it is not there now, it is because you are so focussed on that which you are not, you have to STOP, LOOK and LISTEN.

Just like you do when you cross the road. You know it will save your life.

STOP, LOOK and LISTEN in this spiritual context, will save your life in a new way. It will help you realise your truth.

It will end the suffering.

With it comes the experience of Peace, Truth, Love, Grace, Joy, Gratitude and so much more.

You could go a different route of course. Just continuing to do as you have always done. You will always suffer. Yes there may be some apparent ups and downs. However, if you look closely you will see that those apparent ups and downs are all based on events that you perceive as external to you.

For example: I am happy now I have this possession, this relationship, this job. Or the reverse, I am sad that I have lost this possession, this relationship, this job.

What if you could have joy for no reason?

You can! It is you very essence expressed. The source of this permanent joy is in YOU. It hasn’t gone anywhere. It is here NOW.

Isn’t that a gift worth realising? Experiencing?

In truth, nothing comes close to this.

Ego will see it differently simply because its days are numbered when you make your truth your top priority. You open to the possibility of your Blisscipline.

Where to start? How to start? HERE. NOW.

Allowing 100% of your attention to be here now.

Simple. Yes.

So simple that you can’t accept that it could be so easy! So you strive and strive, seek and seek. That will push it away from you. It is not a doing. It is an allowing a realising. That it is why Enlightenment is also referred to as SELF Realisation.

You REALISE who you really are. You realise it is here now. It always was and always IS.

So yes practice and have, at first what the mind will call discipline but in the constant awareness and openness to the truth that it is already here.

It all comes down to one question which answers itself when the SELF is Realised.

Who am I?

Infinite Silence. Which is nothing yet Infinite. The very source itSELF. YOU are that NOW.

This is not your body, your thoughts, your beliefs or anything at all. It truly is Nothing. NO THING. Yet Infinite.

Then your spiritual practice will become effortless, more and more light emerges, more and more space is opened into in you, through you and as you. Life will flow more easily. A ton of stuff that you are not will be let go of.

Then in the ripest of ripest NOW moments all that you are will be revealed. All that you are not will be gone and it will no longer seem real. It was just an illusion all along.

Do you choose this Bliss? This Blisscipline? Then listen to that calling in your heart. STOP, LOOK, LISTEN.

This 30 minute guided Infinite Silence Experience has been created to connect you back to you.

Use it NOW.

Use it everyday.

You will see and experience that it is so simple. Use it until you realise you don’t need to. You will know.

Then you will find that being in the Silence is just so beautiful that you are that very Silence and the experience of it all at once. How beautiful is that?!

If you are committed to your truth. This is a great gift from YOU to YOU!

Not from me. Yes it looks like this body created this, but in the realisation of your truth you will see that you and I are NOT separate we are ONE.

We are ONE in Infinite Silence.

From Discipline to Blisscipline!

That’s one of the reasons why I sign of these posts like this:

Blessings as Infinite Silence,


It’s not just me that IS thIS you are it also. NOW.

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