From Sensation to Insation

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A new word emerged from Infinite Silence this morning:


So, everyone has heard and experienced sensation. Insation (In-sation) is the inner sense, innocence (see the blog: Return to Innocence) and even inner sensation.

We are so used to experiencing the world through the traditional five senses but the inner world most people miss. It may just seem too subtle, too distant and even incomprehensible. Why is that?

It is because pretty much everyone has been conditioned into experiencing through the clouded lens of mind or ego which are the same. Conditioned into thinking and then believing that all there is that which can be sensed through the five senses.

This is such a limited experience of the true reality and fundamentally flawed.

When the window to the heart and soul are given half a chance and a glimpse of the inner world emerges it can be for many a fleeting moment of truth expressed that is then quickly squashed by the ego as unreal and not to be listened to.

Ego is noisy and shouts loudly for attention. It seeks to control you.

Heart and soul are the quiet and still messengers of truth within. They speak a higher and infinitely beautiful language of Silence, Truth, Grace, Joy and more.

The silence or Infinite Silence as I refer to it on this site is your truth. It’s perfumes of Joy, Love, Grace and much more are arising from it all the time. You have to STOP to listen.

STOP to smell the roses of truth.

You have had that experience in life for sure when you have stopped either literally or metaphorically to smell the roses and the scent is beautiful is it not?

It comes with that sense of oh I wish this could last forever.

I bear great news: It does!

You just have to give it a chance. Allow it to grace you with its divine perfumes with no effort required on your part. So beautiful is that that it, from the space of ego, can seem unattainable but it is not.

It is here NOW. It is your truth.

It is the Insation mentioned above.

Sensations are physical and very noticeable because we are conditioned to pay attention to all of those.

Insation is silent, still, timeless, formless a sort of feelingless feeling as Mooji puts it. I like that way of saying it.

It is a profound knowingness of the infinite power, grace and love that is within and is YOU.

When attention is rested fully in ‘Insation’ you are in the present moment fully. In the NOW. Everything is seen through the the clear lens of truth. Not the foggy lens of ego.

Insation is, in essence, that inner sensation-less, sensation, the  inner sense the innocence.

Ego doesn’t like it. It favours thrills and spills, drama and trauma. It pretends to keep you safe but only from its demise. You become a sensation-aholic. Most people are that addicted to sensation.

The invitation though is to allow the ‘Insation’ to be the focus, Infinite Silence – it is there now and always.

The sensations can still be felt, seen and more importantly witnessed. But they are seen from the deeper place and are seen to be transient, fleeting or impermanent.

Infinite Silence that which gives birth to all including the  silent insation is just that: Infinite and thus permanent and, as such, can be trusted totally. The voice of your universal heart is birthed from here. It never lies.

Are you ready to move from just being a ‘Sensationalist’ to  purity of “Insation?”.

From Sensation to Insation?

Your Insation will never let you down. It comes from within.

Make the move now. Allow the Insation to be your focus. It will transform your life in a profoundly beautiful way forever! What more could you ask?

Blessings as Infinite Silence,


The 30 minute Infinite Silence Experience Video below will help you in making the move, the allowing, the Insation, the Invitation!

In addition, this insight now forms part of a 5 Part Series all connected with the related subject of SEX. The order of the insights is: Word was SEX, Intimacy, From Sensation to Insation, Transcendent Sex, Sexual Communion and links are provided below to the other insights.

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  • Debbie Evran

    Love this post Philip, this sentence really stood out; “When the window to the heart and soul are given half a chance and a glimpse of the inner world emerges it can be for many a fleeting moment of truth expressed that is then quickly squashed by the ego as unreal and not to be listened to.”

    This is exactly what I have noticing with myself, it’ like no sooner have I allowed myself to be me – my ego kicks straight in and puts out the flame. I suppose the good thing is that I am now noticing it. And have now committed to practising IS everyday. Blessings of IS 🙂

    • Philip Wade

      That is indeed a great awareness to have Debbie for it means you are well on the way to both listening more deeply and taking decisive action based on your heart’s calling. Beautiful and well done. So glad to hear you are practicing IS (Infinite Silence) every day now. It will transform you back into true YOU. 🙂

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