Gathering in Grace

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As I sat in the Gathering in Grace (GiG) with Spheres Of Light – Infinite Silence at The Sanctuary of Healing the Silence, Peace and Grace was just beautiful. To witness so many people from many walks of life all opening themselves up to the truth that lies within them was and is just a gift beyond measure.

For this reason I share!

It is all so simple.

We’ve been conditioned into thinking that things in life should be difficult, a struggle a challenge.

Recognising and then embracing one’s innate truth is the simplest thing:

For we already are that which we truly seek.

Therein lies the challenge! A challenge to drop everything that you thought, had been told or laid on you as to who you are. To drop all the identification with everything that is less than your truth. To drop the attachment.

To embrace the nothingness that you are. No thing.

The egoic mind does not like this one bit for it spells its end. It will do everything in its limited power to divert you, put you off the scent of truth. It will tell you all sorts of lies and untruths about you. It will think it is keeping you safe.

Your truth though lies in waiting. The Silent Witness to all that unfolds. You are this Silent Witness. Infinite Silence which is not a thing.

Without Silence you cannot have sound.

Without NOTHING you cannot have things.

Not even space is possible without NOTHING.

Opening your heart to the ‘sound of Infinite Silence’ is a profound gift you can open yourself up to now.

It requires no effort on your part.

Just openness to your innate truth.

This is what was unfolding in the GiG at the weekend. Just a fraction of what people shared is testimony to the power of this simple opening:

Mind blowing, in a good way!


A huge whoosh of energy and insights.

and so much more.

You can do this now! Just by opening your heart to Infinite Silence. That’s it.

So simple.

For a ‘guided’ introduction go the website now and follow the link.

For a day resting in the silence come to one of the workshops (see Events Pages) which are purely on a donation basis. The peace and insight there is a gift beyond measure.

Blessings from Infinite Silence,


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