God has invited me to his Satsang!

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God has invited me to his Satsang!

This was a message I heard in a deep meditation.

It was something of a surprise. I had not been expecting anything. That was key. I had no expectation.

There was an open space. Indeed an Infinite Space and this was sometime before I had the awareness of Infinite Silence.

… and into this space emerged the message:

God has invited me to his Satsang.

I wasn’t even absolutely sure at the time of the meaning of the word Satsang. Yet I knew and felt this was a profound message. Satsang is a Sankrit word that you can read much about. Yet it is simply this:

Satsang – in the presence of TRUTH. Ulitmate Truth. God’s Truth if you will.

There it was an invitation to be in the presence of Truth. Indeed when one is in this presence YOU actually ARE IT. The Presence. The TRUTH.

There is no separation. No duality in this space. Only oneness. Infinite Silence.

This Satsang – Infinite Silence is profound beyond words. There are no words to describe it.

Yet from this space emerges a fragrance of absolute JOY. It is absolutely STILL. Yet is emanating pure consciousness – Spheres Of Light if you will. It is ALL. Infinite and thus NO THING and that place from which everything emerges.

You can ‘see’ the limitation of mere words here.

The words are only pointers to it. You have to read or see between the words or experience beyond the words. Capture the essence to which they point. Then there is no room for words. Only truth exists in this space. Absolute.


In this space one is beyond gratitude for there is recognition, realisation of that which YOU are. Once seen not forgotten.

It draws YOU in to TRUE YOU.

That is what is unfolding here for ALL of us. You may just have forgotten this.

It may seem like it takes linear time but it is here now.

Hence the phrase oft quoted in various traditions:

Be still and know that I am God.

It is the SELF calling the identified self, egoic self back into it’s true nature. To melt into.


So the message is not just for that person that goes by the name of Philip Wade.

It is for ALL and it is NOW.

God has invited YOU to his Satsang.

Accept the invitation. Satsang. Let the miracle unfold.



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  • Tijen

    It is absolutely beautiful. Even reading it makes you feel peaceful and hopeful at the same time. Thank you Philip.

    • Philip Wade

      Ah that is wonderful (One – derful) to here Tijen and beautiful that you visit here. I see/feel you have connected with the energy of it. These ‘messages’ just flow to/in me so to speak. Blessings, Philip

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