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The highest and greatest guru is the True Self you already are.

In Eastern traditions this may sometimes be further clarified as the Satguru. The true guru.

It is fundamental to understand that the true guru is never a person, though many have been mistakenly identified as such. This is a serious block to Self Realisation. For when one gives away one’s true power to a perceived higher authority you automatically block the Realisation of the Self.

There is no higher power. There is no God in the traditional understanding of the term either. There is only the absolute or Infinite Silence. The pure awareness or knowing of the Self as the Self that is non-personal.

This non-personal aspect of the True Self is an anathema to the ego. Ego, despite its suffering, loves to be identified as an individual, separate from other egos. Its whole existence is rooted in a fundamental case of mistaken identity of a separate self. Upon this it builds further beliefs, attachments, identifications which include its story, its relationships, its suffering and ultimately its own demise! Yes, its own demise, for eventually under its own self-weight it will collapse, implode and truth is revealed. The Self Realised. It may take many lifetimes to do this. It is though inevitable.

Self Realisation is inevitable. It’s only a question of an ‘apparent’ when not if.

The reason for this could not be simpler. YOU, as in the truth of whom you really are, are already this Infinite Silence. The true Self. It’s Infinite. Thus you cannot not be it.

So circling back to the title of this insight, personification of an individual as the Guru, Mystic, Teacher and specifically yours is not in service of the highest truth and Self Realisation.

Truth is an experience not a belief.

Statements such as s/he is my guru, my teacher as if they are person is thus a fundamental misunderstanding. For sure the Self can be Realised in a specific form that which you would typically identify as a person and was certainly acting in that role until the realisation flowered. However once it has fully flowered and anchored the knowing is constant that one is the Infinite Silence. The true Self. This does not mean, by the way, they have no individual characteristics and preferences. This is the source of another common misunderstanding.

It is a like a diamond with many facets. The form and expression of the Infinite is the facet, however there is the constant knowing and presence of ultimate truth. In this world but not of it. One is the whole diamond always but is also expressing itself as all of the facets all at once.

This unique expression in a particular facet is beautiful. For it is central to how the Self comes to experience itSelf and gift itSelf the opportunity to Realise itSelf whilst in the form. For in the absolute, the ISness of the Self there is no phenomena. No experience at all. So the projection within itSelf of myriad expressions is the cosmic virtual reality game of universal proportions. If you forget it’s a game you suffer by identifying with the individual expression when, in truth, one is always the Infinite.

What role then do those classified as Guru’s, Mystics and teachers have? Do they have a role at all?

At the highest level one could say no. For it is only the Self that brings the self back to the Self.

One can equally validly say yes. Yes, because if one is in service of truth, there is the knowing and realisation that one actually is that True and Realised Self and the form is simply a vehicle of it. A tool or gift from itSelf unto itSelf.

One communicating truly from that essence knows this, it knows the other apparent forms that is people are this too even if they have forgotten. The role then is one being a mirror to truth. A truth that is already present and asks nothing, requires nothing, seeks nothing.

It is a compelling compassion powered by the Silence itSelf that inspires and energise the sharing. This sharing is not their words, their touch, their gaze it is Presence. The Silence IS Presence. This Presence is Universal. It is always here. In the Realised one there is no doubt about this, in the apparent unrealised one there is doubt. The Presence is the ultimate and only true communicator.

In Silence you will realise your truth. In truth, you will realise you are Silence.

In other words, one Realises the Self in the rarefied atmosphere of Silence. It is the only way. The way-less way.

The words, the gaze, the touch of the realised one is simply acting like a signal carrier or even signpost to the highest truth. You are invited to go beyond the words, the gaze and the touch to realise what is already here.

This will be seen to be so as the realisation flowers. It is a direct and natural consequence of it.

A story:

A few years ago an invitation emerged to share at a beautiful venue which around which there was a spiritual community. One of a number of venues in that area. A relatively small but beautiful gathering took place with all bar one being people from beyond that area, the person who made the invitation. Later that same day at the same venue one of the regular gatherings of this community took place listening to the ‘teaching’s’ of a well known mystic who had long since left the body. They were ‘all ears’ on the audio of one the recorded dialogues of this mystic. The community had been built around this mystic after his passing. Some 20/30 years on the mystic was still very much the focus. It became increasingly apparent to me that a number, if not all, of this community were lost in a spiritual trap. Guru syndrome. Their identity was in service of it. Reflecting on this in a deep meditative space the message came “too late” pointing to the awareness that for now there was an identification that was not going to be easily shifted. With it came a deep compassion. I spoke with the person who had invited me to come to share and it was their experience also of a fixation on a person as guru.

As if to reinforce this, some time later back in the UK at another event. One of those attending a retreat was acting in a very closed way. It was like they were not part of the group. At a break an opportunity arose to speak with them. I asked if they were OK. Turning slowly to respond they said: “I’d better come clean, I’m a follower of”… (the same mystic) noted above. Clarity emerged it was the same as had been seen before. Fortunately, I knew people involved with that community when the mystic was still in form and had a useful conversation with this person attending the retreat. A kind of bridge at least had been made. Notwithstanding this, as the retreat closed and goodbyes were being shared once again this person shared holding back tears that they had their guru. The grief was visibly pushed down. It could be seen they were not open to releasing it. Huge compassion arose in me.

On the same subject, some months later unsought and unexpectedly another related conversation emerged about this same subject. A realised friend had independently observed exactly the same phenomenon in the same community. It was particularly interesting to hear that perspective as for part of her life they had lived in the commune when the mystic was alive.

To complete the story, some time before I had seen a video in which this mystic had shared a ‘secret’. In brief, the ‘secret’ was that you have made me into your personified guru but all along I was simply your friend. He was simply inviting them to see what had been realised ‘in’ him was ‘in’ them also and not to get lost in this trap of guru worship.

So the reason for the story is self-evident: Ultimately, Infinite Silence is whom YOU already are!

Spiritual growth is not possible. Self Realisation IS natural.

You cannot learn ultimate spiritual truth, nor can it be taught or gifted by another. It can only be realised.

The role of the one whom is given the title by followers of Guru, Mystic, Teacher is not to have power or authority over you but to being a living pointing to that which YOU already are.

This role expressed in a pure way is a great gift from the Self to the Self. It is a blessing beyond measure. It is NOT a person.

Understand this deeply, embrace its pointing. Follow the calling of your heart it will lead you unerringly home. If it involves following and embracing the insights of a realised being you can do so with respect, love and honour. However, do not under any circumstances, make them into something they are not. If they are true to the Realisation they will point you unceasingly back to that which is already here in, YOU, through YOU as YOU.

Self Realisation.

Blessings in Infinite Silence,


Below is an 8 minute video recording of a Live Stream by the same title and summarises this post.

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