Home Made

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Home Made
That’s what you are
A creation of Infinite Silence
First as I AM
The pure I AM Presence
A Sphere Of Light
Then made manifest in this body
All three in one NOW and forever
A gift from the heavens is your body
From heaven’s kitchen
From the stardust of heaven’s garden
Heaven’s Signature Bake is your very essence
It’s in your heart
A truly Great Bake
Your Technical Challenge is to remember your true SELF
That’s from your head, trying to prove itself
It’s always under baked or even half-baked
When you realise there’s nothing you have to do it will be a Showstopper!
Your heart has won the day now
The perfect bake, texture and flavour divine
The Merry Go Round of ego has truly stopped
You have realised it was all just a show
As Shakespeare put it “A Comedy of Errors”
All the world truly is a stage
In which to experience Life as Life itSELF
In Infinite Variety
A Variety show of Universal proportions
Letting go of all that you think you are
To REALise that which you truly are
Infinite Silence
Then you will know yourSELF as Star Baker
Home Made

Blessings as Infinite Silence,



For the non-UK audience this a lighter but still profound look at our innate truth based on a UK TV Programme called the Great British Bake Off. Amateur bakers face the three challenges referred to above: Signature, Technical and Showstopper and it’s judges are often using the phrases used in the text.

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