How much do I have to pay? (Free Peace Project)

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This question actually came up in the midst of particularly powerful One to One session. It was the first time I had seen this individual (One to One) but I knew the person was a highly educated and qualified individual and had spent many years and many thousands on healing work attending events and so on. It was in a truly exasperated moment this question above burst forth in relation to Self Realisation.

It was a very important question for him and, let’s face it, for many people!

With a deep feeling of compassion and love this was offered:

Nothing at all. It is totally free. So free that the truth of YOU is already this. It is simply that it hasn’t been Realised yet.

It can be and will be. It is inevitable whether in this form or another.

The cost is the total and utter dissolution of your belief in, attachment to and identification with whom you think you are.

The question is are you willing to allow this? It is here now. Not tomorrow or next week or for good deeds or how much you have paid. NOW since one is already this.”

How much do I have to pay? (Free Peace Project) Gateway Location
A relief came over this persons face. A seeing and recognition. A dissolution of something a belief around this subject.

On another occasion this pointing emerged from the Silence:

“Truth is not a consideration.”

You may be familiar with simple contracts in English Law. They contain: An offer (a service or product say), An Acceptance of the offer and: A Consideration – this is usually financial but can be a service or other means of exchange.

Truth and the Realisation of it is absolutely NOT a contract of any kind.

Absolutely NO ONE can give it to you, not the Buddha, not a living Master, Guru, Teacher or whatever you wish to call them.

Why is this?

We have already answered this above!

The truth of YOU is already this non-personal Realised essence: Awareness or Infinite Silence.

So it cannot be given. It can only be Realised.

Hence the term: Realisation.

You cannot pay for truth! End of.

So if you are making a donation, a payment or doing some deed as payment it isn’t for truth.

Such an exchange is merely a natural flow of energy. That is all.

It so happens most of the human world operates on a Commercial Economy. The Natural World and some small parts of the human world operate on a Gift Economy.

Some years ago I read a book called The Gift and in its opening chapters it described how the Western Commercial Economy destroyed the Gift Economy in Native American or First People’s Culture.

Aside from this there were some beautiful insights around the true nature of gifts. One paraphrasing was:

“A gift is something that is bestowed, not earned.”

It is a natural flow. Actually, in these terms, a Realisation of what is here now.

Self Realisation is a Gift from Life unto Life for Life and you, my friend are Life.

It is so easy to get confused, upset, angry, judgemental and more around money. Money is not the problem. It is neutral. It is the abuse of it where issues arise.

It has been said many times you shouldn’t have to pay for healing, truth and so on.

You aren’t and you never will.

Truth can only be Realised.

All healing comes from the inner Infinite Dimension of truth. No one ever heals you.

So what are you paying for or donating to? You are simply recognising and embracing the fact that we have, for now at least, agreed to operate in an economy that uses what we call money as an energy exchange. There is nothing wrong or right about this. It simply is what it is.

You are at choice. You don’t need to pay anyone anything to Realise Truth. Simple.

If you choose to or are feeling called to participate in an offering that is being provided then the question is does this resonate for me? If so, you know what to do. If not, you also know what to do.

Herein is the gift of the: Free Peace Project: This Website, its Sister Meditations site here, the Nothing Special Podcast on all the major platforms (Apple, Spotify, Google and more), YouTube Channel here, Facebook Page here and more. If all you did was used these resources alone it would be more than enough.

There’s around 200 insights, 250 Videos (from 5 minutes to 2 hours+, 60 Podcast Episodes and a complete Self Realisation Programme on Insight Timer. Nothing is held back in terms of insight: Free Peace Project. So free YOU are already that which you truly seek: Infinite Silence.

Yet you may feel called to events (Live or Online), Recordings, One to Ones or other resources. You are at choice to access those with donations and there’s normally number of Scholarship Places available at events and most products that support the Open Source Sharing around the Globe.

In Silence you will Realise you truth; In truth, you will Realise YOU are Silence.

Truth is not a consideration!

It’s a Realisation.

Of that which is already YOU!

How much do I have to pay? (Free Peace Project) Gateway LocationHow much do I have to pay? (Free Peace Project) Gateway LocationHow much do I have to pay? (Free Peace Project) Gateway Location


Gratitude for the original photo; source unknown. Words added are mine overlaid on the photo via a friend.
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  • Debbie Evran

    Funny how this was the first thing that caught my eye when I visited your website today, Philip. And obviously, there was a reason I needed to read and learn from it. Will mediate on this one to see what else comes up for healing. 🙂

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